Bill to Stop Medical Cannabis and Hemp Raids Passes U.S. Senate, Heads to President Obama

The United States Senate senatepassed a national spending bill Saturday that includes a provision to defund medical cannabis raids. The House of Representatives approved the bill Friday, meaning the proposal now heads to President Obama, who says he will quickly sign it into law once it reaches his desk.

The provision in the spending bill which defunds medical cannabis raids prohibits the Department of Justice from spending any resources enforcing federal cannabis laws in states that have legalized the plant for medical purposes. A separate provision in the spending bill prohibits the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from interfering with state-authorized hemp research programs.

The approval of the spending bill, with the inclusion of these two provisions, is a history moment in the effort to end cannabis prohibition, and a major step in the direction of states being allowed to fully decide their own cannabis policies.


5 thoughts on “Bill to Stop Medical Cannabis and Hemp Raids Passes U.S. Senate, Heads to President Obama”

  1. Say guys heres a thought we ned to countervthe Bull snot arguneargumentvthat the weedbid stronger. Yhink about this. In 1975 an ounce pg pot was about 14grams od seed and 14gramscof leaf vBulletin so an ounce of v weed was onlyb2/5 persent thc. But now an ounce contains no seeds and ot all smokable thisvis yhe kind of cra wehavr been seeinh for 40years. I garontee ee had columbian in themid-late 70s as good as any produced now

  2. Disgusting that something growing as an indigenous plant cant be used by the people living in the state where the plant has been before the government became.

  3. the bill says it prevents the doj from “preventing” state mmj programs. nothing about the doj “interfering” with state mmj programs.

    i think the raids will continue.


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