Bill to Add Butane as a Controlled Substance Vetoed by California Governor

California Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would have made butane a controlled substance.

Assembly Bill 1120 would have made an amendment to section 11107 of the state’s health and safety code to add butane as a controlled substance. This would have limited sales, and created a database for those who purchase it.

“I empathize with the author’s intent to address the tragic explosions that can occur at illegal butane hash-oil production sites”, Governor Brown said in his official veto note. “Unfortunately, I believe this bill takes a very expensive approach that may not ultimately solve the problem. The Department of Public Health is currently working on regulations that will be finalized at the end of this year that move this type of production out of the shadows and into a safe and regulated environment. I believe any additional legislation aimed at curbing illegal butane use should be more narrowly tailored, and not place a uniform limit on an industry that has many other legitimate uses.”

Governor Brown also vetoed Assembly Bill 350, which would have prohibited the manufacturing of marijuana edibles made into shapes that could be considered enticing to children, such as gummy bears or worms.

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