Best Gift for Stoners 2019

It’s always nice to show how much you love your friends and families with the gift that’s tailor-fit for their needs. While it’s easy to think of gift ideas for your loved ones, it may be challenging to find the right gift for that special stoner in your life. Don’t worry we’ve listed the best stoner products to add to your shopping cart so make sure you check them before you check out.

Because of the continued legalization of medical cannabis in the United States, as well as in other parts of the globe, the range of products that can be used for cannabis consumption has skyrocketed and what once was considered taboo is now embraced by many. People consume herbs to deal with emotional stress as well as anxiety and depression. Cannabis is now considered by medical practitioners to be a great tool to manage pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, increase appetite, and a slew of other benefits that one can experience without popping pills or synthetic drugs. This is why even athletes and other professionals re coming out of the woodwork professing the natural benefits of consuming herbs and botanical plant matter. So, it’ll be way easier nowadays to get your stoner friend that gift they always wanted. But what exactly can you get him? The increase of stoner products can be exciting but the surge of these products can, at times, get confusing. From vape pen batteries to butter infusers, we made sure we’ve got it to call covered.

So, here are some good-quality products we’re sure your buddies and families will love.


One of the best gifts you can get someone who consumes cannabis is a vaporizer. Be it wax or concentrates, you can never go wrong with a vaporizer.

To begin with, vaporizer makes for a cleaner delivery method compared to smoking. The smoke from burnt herbs carries several irritants and toxic by-products that may prove to be counterproductive especially when they’re consuming herbs for medical purposes. Furthermore, some of the essential active ingredients from their select botanical strains may get destroyed due to the extreme heat as the herbs burn. Flavonoids and terpenes are extracted in lower temperature levels and are lost when smoked leaving that burnt taste instead of the herbs’ natural flavors. A vaporizer will often have some sort of temperature control which allows them to tone down the temperature level facilitating the ideal environment for them to reap the benefits their materials have to offer.

Another advantage to using vaporizers is that it allows them to experience faster results from their materials since the vapors they inhale are absorbed by their lungs and are introduced to their bloodstreams quickly making its way to the brain. Compared to eating edibles or drinking cannabis-infused beverages, inhaling vapors offer faster effects which is useful especially if they take cannabis for medication to ease pain or for its calming and soothing effects.

Herb Grinders

Another great gift for your stoner friend is an herb grinder. As its name implies, herb grinders grind up herbs to smaller pieces so they can which makes it easier for the herbs to be burned or vaporized.

The herbs that your friends buy from dispensaries often come in nuggets. These nuggets of herbs would have to be ground up or crushed to fit in a bowl, a spliff, or even in a vaporizer. It’s fine to just crush the herbs using their fingers but they’re essentially losing some of the most essential components of the herbs.

These herbs carry kief or pollen that contain potent active ingredients. Crushing the herbs by hand leaves the pollen on their fingers or much worse, left lying on the ground. This means that instead of having to consume kief or pollen, it’s left wasted and not put to good use. A grinder, on the other hand, allows them to catch the pollen in a small receptacle from which they can later collect and use either to be sprinkled above their herbs or even to infuse them on edibles. Some even use kief in balms and salves and use them as topicals for a longer-lasting effect.

Either way, a good grinder will give allow your stoner friends and families to get better value from their botanical plant matter.

Oil Infusers and Butter Makers

Another way to consume herbs is by eating edibles. Edibles make for a super discreet consumption method which allows your stoner friends to maintain a low-key when medicating. Of course, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage of consuming edibles is that they take a while to get into your system. Because your gut has needs to digest the food first, the effects may take somewhere around an hour or two and may depend on how slow or how fast your metabolism is. However, an advantage to eating edibles is that compared to vaping or smoking, munching on edibles is super discreet compared to smoking or vaping your herbs. You won’t smell, and it isn’t obvious.

Butter makers and oil infusers will encourage your stoner friends to start baking. What’s more is that these infusers and butter makers aren’t just for making cannabis-infused confectioneries, the oils and the butters made from these machines can also be used on other food. Since consuming herbs and extracts are all about getting attuned to your natural senses, why not encourage them to include an infused meal to their diet. This will make their consumption methods more linear and more synergistic with their daily routines.


Some stoners prefer to keep it simple. They just throw the herbs into salads, use them as toppings, and some days they just want to eat ‘em raw. For those occasions, a decarboxylator will do them good. Decarboxylation will activate the compounds in the herbs basically making them ready for consumption. Once the herbs are heated and have gone through the decarboxylation process, it can be added into food or consumed straightaway leaving them with very little left to do in terms of preparation.

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