Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

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Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

new hampshire primaryPresidential candidate Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, beating rival Hillary Clinton by double digits (60% to 38%), according to the Associated Press. The win comes a week after Sanders narrowly lost to Clinton in Iowa (49.6% to 49.8%), and just days after new polling found the two to be tied nationally.

The next Democratic primary is in Nevada on February 20th, followed by South Carolina on February 27th. This will be followed by “Super Tuesday” on March 1st, which will see nearly a dozen states – including Vermont, Georgia and Massachusetts – voting on the same day.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump was the clear victor in the New Hampshire primary, winning by double digits over the rest of the Republican field, with Ohio Governor John Kasich coming in second. Their next primary will be in South Carolina on November 20th.

Although both Clinton and Sanders support reforming our nation’s cannabis laws, Sanders supports a full end to federal cannabis prohibition while Clinton supports simply rescheduling cannabis to schedule 2, a positive move but one that will keep cannabis alongside drugs such as cocaine.

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