Berlin Researchers Hope to Recruit 25,000 Marijuana Consumers for Massive Study

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Berlin Researchers Hope to Recruit 25,000 Marijuana Consumers for Massive Study

A research initiative is hoping to get approval for a study that would require recruiting 25,000 marijuana consumers in Berlin.

According to The Local, the group called the Research Initiative on Cannabis Consumption is hoping to get an application for a new study approved so that they can analyze the “consequences of cannabis for psychologically healthy, adult consumers”. The aim is to “understand what effects cannabis use has after several years”, according to the group, which was started by an attorney and a clinical psychology professor at the Medical School Hamburg.

The group reported last week that they submitted an updated application to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) for approval.

Germany officially legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes at the beginning of this year, allowing doctors to prescribe their seriously ill patients the drug if they believe it will bring about positive results. However, the research initiative is hoping to examine the effects of recreational use, which remains illegal.

So far 2,000 people have signed up to participate in the study within the first ten weeks of the search. The initiative leaders said that in selecting participants, they will “rule out anyone under 18, first-time pot smokers, as well as anyone with potential addiction or psychiatric problems.”

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If the study obtains approval, participants would be allowed to pick up 30 grams of cannabis normally reserved for medical patients each month from a pharmacy.

“In Germany several million people regularly get high on cannabis,” wrote chief executive of the project Marko Dörre in a statement. “It is time that science becomes more engaged with recreational use.”

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