Beginning July 1st Unlimited Hemp Cultivation Will Be Legal in Connecticut, No License Required

hemp1On Wednesday, July 1st, House Bill 5780 will become law in Connecticut, legalizing the unlimited cultivation of industrial hemp.

The new law, which officially takes effect at 12:00am on July 1st, removes hemp from the state’s list of controlled substances, legalizing it for all purposes. This means that hemp will be treated like other agricultural commodities such as tomatoes. Farmers will not be required to receive a license from the state, and no limit will be imposed on the number of plants they can cultivate. They will, however, need to maintain a THC level of no more than 1% in all of their plants (if it goes above that, it will be considered cannabis and remain illegal), though that number is higher than the 0.3% limit established in most states that have legalized the crop.

The measure was approved with overwhelming support in the state’s legislature, passing 178 to 2. Representatives Tim Legeyt and Mike Demicco were the only lawmakers to cast a “No” vote.

The full text of House Bill 5780 can be found by clicking here.


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