Beginners guide to the World of Vaping

By Margaret W.

Vaping industry is on the rise as it has been in the last few years.

The current market is overwhelmed with various products, however, only a few manage to build a stable, escalating subculture as it’s the case with the vaping gear. A lot of people are interested in various aspects of vaping, which gave birth to a series of blogs with content that concerns strictly vaping industry target audience. Since each subculture develops its own slang, technical terminology, abbreviations, etc. the same rule follows the vaping community. However, those who are new to the vaping scene can be easily overwhelmed with all of the different vocabulary surrounding vaporizers, their accessories, and the vape life in general. In order to help you fall in line with the seasoned vapers, and connect easier with the online content that might improve your grasp of the entire niche, we decided to share and explain some of the most commonly used terms in the world of vaping.


It sounds like some piece of tech straight out of Star Trek, however, the truth is far less dramatic. Atomizer, also known as vape coil or Atty, is in most cases, a piece of metal wire that generates heat through electric resistance in order to create vape out of the liquid. Depending on the manufacturer, atomizers could be made of Nickel, Titanium, Stainless steel, etc. Other atomizers are made out of ceramic, silica or Eco wool, and many other materials depending on the model and manufacturer.

The strength of atomizers is displayed in Ohms, which is a unit of measurement for electric resistance.

Box Mod

Vaping gear comes in different shapes and sizes, most newcomers to the world of vaping decide for standard vaping pens as they are the most simple to use. However, more experienced vapers who wish to customize their vaping experience, per example have a stronger flavor, thicker vape, more powerful battery, more advanced features (display, temperature potency…), etc. turn to box mods. The reason is simple, box mods give you the opportunity to change parts and create a custom configuration that serves your needs. In a nutshell, box mods, named after their box-shaped design, are nothing more than customizable e-cigarettes.

Dry herb vaporizer

Also known as herb vaporizer, marijuana vaporizer or cannabis vaporizer. This is a piece of vaping equipment that vapers use when they want to enjoy marijuana vape. As opposed to standard vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers heat up dry marijuana instead of liquid substance. Dry herb vaporizers have a heating chamber whilst liquid vaporizers have changeable or refillable tanks. Grinned herb is placed in the heating chamber and the heating element raises the temperature until the vape is formed. It’s important to understand that herb vaporizers don’t burn the material, they sort of “cook” it until the vape comes out but the material stays in a not-combusted state.


You might have heard of this term during your exploration of the vaping world and found yourself asking what this actually means. Steeping is a process of changing the flavor (most vapers would say improving it) of your juice by exposing newly bought e-liquid to oxygen. As a consequence, the alcohol which could be included in the mix evaporates and the liquid ingredients blend in even more. Most e-liquids are pre-steeped, so it’s not a bad habit to check out the description on the box and see what else you can learn about the juice you’re about to purchase.


There is a special kind of vaporizer called Juul. It’s a small, USB flash drive-like gadget that uses its own unique liquid cartridges that won’t work with almost any other vaping piece of equipment. Juul became popular with teenagers because of its size and conspicuous look that made many parents think it’s nothing more than a flash memory stick. Juuling is a process of vaping via Juul which includes inhaling vape from Juul’s highly nicotine-concentrated liquid until you feel a buzz. It’s the buzz that made a lot of kids hooked to this device and activities related to it.

Unprotected batteries

This is an important phrase, which you should keep in mind for your own personal safety. Since vaping gear uses batteries sometimes the users decide to replace stock batteries with their own choice. Unprotected batteries are a cheaper solution than protected, and they also provide more power. However, the reason why they are called unprotected is that they lack the protective electric circuit which prevents batteries from overcharging, overheating and other potential hazards. It’s often suggested to people who use unprotected batteries not to allow battery discharge under 3 Volts because it may lead to battery becoming unstable.


If you’re familiar with oil lamps or candles then it’s not going to take much in order to understand what a wick is. It carries the liquid to the atomizer that heats the liquid which results in forming of the flavored mist we call vape. Related to wick is a phrase that you can hear often “wicking” which refers to the flow of juice from cartridge to the atomizer. Common vaping issues related to wick include a burned taste when the wick can’t carry enough liquid to the atomizer which causes burning of the juice and an awful flavor. On the other side with too much liquid reaching the atomizer via wick the vapor is not thick enough and the taste is not as intensive as it should be.


We hope that now you have a much clearer idea about some common vaping phrases and terms. It’s important to get familiarized with the vaping terminology in order to enhance your overall experience and increase your personal safety.

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