Washington: Average Price of Legal Recreational Cannabis Drops Over 50% to $11 a Gram

A strain of legal recreational cannabis sold in Washington called Space Needle.

When legal recreational cannabis sales began in Washington State last year, cannabis was selling for $25 – $30 a gram, two to three times the average cost found on the blackmarket. Now, with dozens of stores open throughout the state, and with a restructured tax system, prices have plummeted to an average of $11, according to the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board.

When legal cannabis sales began on July 8th last year, there were just a handful of cannabis outlets open. Now there are 164 outlets reporting sales throughout the state. In addition to the competition of more retail outlets reducing prices, there has been a large increase in the number of cannabis cultivators, reducing costs across the board. The state also recently eliminated the three-tier tax structure on recreational cannabis (25% at three different levels) in favor of a single excise tax (37%).

In total over 300 outlets have been approved to sell cannabis legally, with more expected to be given approval soon.

There was over $250 million in recreational cannabis sold during the first full year of legal sales, resulting in over $70 million in taxes for the state.


9 thoughts on “Washington: Average Price of Legal Recreational Cannabis Drops Over 50% to $11 a Gram”

  1. Moreover, the State, will pay $100K a day for their failure. Yet, they can’t come up with the money to implement starting an industrial hemp program($900,000).
    SB 5052 is another example of politicians being bought by I-502 lobbyists and greedy license holders.

    • John Novak:

      Sadly, no. It’s the same illogical way this State also sells you alcohol. You get the shock at checkout. So add another 47% making that $11 gram, $16.17. This is why Washington’s legislature killing Medical Marijuana in Washington has infuriated so many patients. And a reason that the States once popular Governor’s in the last poll taken showed him nose-dive down to 30% approval after his unfortunate signing of Washington’s medieval new anti-medical patient SB5052.

    • Johnny:

      according to the link johnny provided above it appears I was wrong ( at least about this store). apparently this non-medical anything 502 store including State tax in their posted sales price menu offerings :

      The very first strain on the menu is ‘Omega Dawg” ( my guess, it’s “Outdoor” Dawg)? Look under the “OUNCES” label located on the bottom line of the upper left corner corner. In the last sentence :

      “Trash $99 Half Ounces available: Dirty Girl, Silver Haze, Good Dog, Omega Dawg, Nebu Blackberry”

      Medical marijuana patients (whom 502 rec. store owner’s immensely screwed over ), should wait until October first ( not that far away) and see how inexpensive Oregon’a medical marijuana dispensary prices are in comparison.

      My best guess is that patients will be able to buy half-ounces of top shelf (or almost) for the price this stores offering it’s “TRASH.” The weekly Seattle “Stranger” said in an article last week this year most Washington residents will be getting our cannabis from Oregon. I have to agree seeing these prices.

  2. What does it say about a State that’s willing to pay a $100,000 a DAY in Court fine, because it’s own legislator’s failed to address one of the most basic functions of State government : Funding K-12 education ? Children’s education took a back seat (after three legislative sessions no less) so that the legislature could kill-off medical marijuana in Washington. Stupid

  3. That’s awesome. I’m still looking forward to the day when you can pick up a pack of 20 joints (with quality herb in them) for four to five dollars and 1 ounce packages for $10 to $20. It’ll happen. And really, it will get to the point where everybody can grow their own, and everybody shares weed. It’ll be everywhere, and the world will be so much a better place.


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