WA: Average Price of Legal Cannabis Drops to $10 a Gram

A gram of legal recreational cannabis being sold in Washington.The price of legal recreational cannabis in Washington State has dropped to an average of $10 a gram, down from $25 – $30 a gram when sales first began in 2014. This is according to the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Control Board.

The drop in price is attributed to two factors; an increase in the number of retail outlets and cultivation centers which has increased competition, and a recent change in the state’s tax structure. Initially cannabis was taxed 25% at three different levels, but due to changes made by state lawmakers in the last legislative session, cannabis is now taxed only once; 37% at the point of sale.

According to the Liquor and Cannabis Control Board, there are 197 cannabis retail outlets reporting sales throughout the state. The average daily sales is over $2.3 million.


11 thoughts on “WA: Average Price of Legal Cannabis Drops to $10 a Gram”

  1. Wow, I would give my right arm to pay only $10 for a g…in my parts, it’s only medicinal, but we have no dispensaries yet, so we are still stuck buying it underground where we get charged $20-$30 for just one gram…stop complaining and jsut get high fuckers

  2. In five years it’ll be less than $3 a gram, if not cheaper. Simple economics. Competition drives price down. It’s just a plant that grows with dirt, water, and sunlight.

    • At $3 a gram the State itself would have grow it. This because all of the good grower’s will have either been driven out of business or, moved down to California where grams will never drop to $3 per I can assure you.

  3. they are forcing the market to correct itself,,,,,dont like the tactics,,,,,store owners either will drop their profits to balance the tax….if not its total competition…..now for medical,,,,thats messed up,,,,however,,,they will have to do the same,,,,,,,,the couville tribe is review the possiablity to sell,grow etc,,,,,our local gov told them 1/2 tax…..i have research this,,on the field and online,,,,,i was trying to see about a hybrid store in lake chelan wa,,,,with my fed background, should be easy,,,however 2 med places here got busted selling other drug and minors……so this is new grounds….still will be a new market for about 6-10 yrs,,just a speculation,,,, live long and enjoy it (mj and lifes ride)

    • you guys need to vote it in FL,,,,i lived in miami for 48 yrs,,,packed up went to wa state,,,,i didnt know it was legal out here,,,lol,,,for real,,,,,,, well 3 out of 4 doc recommended it for my illness,,,,its not perfect,,however its weaker than zanax etc etc….now zanax might work for you,,,,for me wwwwwwaaaaaayyyy to strong,,,that at the loweat level MG…as a alcholic,,,i am wary of all drugs…..however one needs to walk the walk,,,then one can talk the talk…right????

      ps: BBBBBEEERRRNNNIIIIIEEEEE 2016,,,had to

    • Oregon currently has the lowest tax on MMJ patients medicine 17%. Call me a pessimist, but I don’t see ANY American State going tax free on MMJ. Is this wrong ? Yes, I agree it is wrong. But being wrong never stopped Americans from doing non-sensical things when it comes to money.

      • Anonymous : At some point Washington will have to reduce the tax on MMJ patients. Washington voters by, not turning out to vote in 2014 gave the State its first Republican State Senate in 40 years. Every bit as backwards, as the the Senate in the other Washington. Dear Millennials, please stop complaining, and then not
        voting !

    • Washington has no State income tax. It has had to be creative to find income. I also believe it wrong to charge the sick for medicine. I live in Washington State which just released a study done as a part of State rec. legalization. It showed that MMJ patients comprise a slightly larger percentile of cannabis consumers than do recreational buyer’s .
      Oregon, newer to rec. legalization, while being more reasonable does have a State income tax. Their medical authorizations are around $200 USD per year. In Washington, most pay $60-$80 USD for same.

    • I’m 1/2 Canadian myself. I’m considering moving back to Vancouver this Spring. I’m tired of American politics and living around angry people

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