Average Legal Cannabis Sales at $4.5 Million Daily in Washington State, Record High

Cannabis SalesLegal cannabis sales in Washington State are on the rapid increase as more outlets open their doors and as patients continue to shift away from the hundreds of unlicensed dispensaries that were forced shut in July. For the month of September the average daily cannabis sales have been $4.5 million, according to data from Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board. This is a $300,000 per day increase from the last time we reported on daily cannabis sales in the state roughly a month ago; and that was already a $400,000 increase from the month before.

The state garners over $800,000 in taxes every daily from the $4.5 million in legal cannabis sales. Earlier this month we reported that there was more legal cannabis sold in Washington in August than any state in history, roughly $130 million. From this the state garnered around $25 million in taxes.

According to the Liquor and Cannabis Board, 432 retail licenses and 874 producer/processor licenses have been distributed.

Further data on Washington’s legal cannabis market can be found on the Liquor and Cannabis Board’s website.

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