Are CBD Products Safe and Beneficial?

What is CBD?

Is the CBD craze worth it? According to an article published on Forbes, the CBD market is only growing and is expected to hit $20 billion by 2024. What is CBD, and is it justifiable to use it? CBD is known to be a natural remedy to many ailments. It is one of the chemical components found in the marijuana plant. Different from the compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) also found in marijuana, which causes you to get high, CBD is safe and not psychoactive. CBD will, therefore, not affect your mind negatively while you are seeking for relief from ailments. While it is beneficial, you should not consume it in excess.

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How to Recognize Quality Marijuana Seeds?

Discussion revolving around the legalization status of marijuana is generating awareness about its abundant benefits to several health concerns. If you are someone eager to become a part of the green herb revolution, you must know every bit of details relating to it. We know the uses of its flower, but the supremacy of its seeds is also worth considering.

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Canada’s New Marijuana Licensing Rules Favors Wealthy Companies, Says Industry Experts

According to a report by Reuters, industry experts say that a new licensing process for legal cannabis producers in Canada limits the ability of smaller companies to attract investment, which could leave the fledgling industry dominated wealthy companies.

The rule changes for licensing came about after Health Canada, the federal health agency in charge of the licensing process, was swamped by applications for licensed producers, putting a strain on its resources and causing months of delays for applicants. The agency has received over 800 applications for cannabis licenses since 2013. Of those, 457 passed the initial paper-based review, but 70% of them have yet to show evidence they have built a facility.

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The Ultimate Focus V Carta Review

If vaping lifestyle is your thing, probably you must be looking for the best vape tech designed to meet your optimum herb and wax consumption. In this content, you’re going to find the Carta V2 by Focus V Products reviews to help you to understand if it is the portable electric dab rig you want. 

In actual sense, Focus V Carta is the most advanced innovation the vaping industry has ever released. It is a remarkable little desktop e-rig everyone would love to own.  Before you go ahead and buy this device, you’ve got to know its merits, demerits and everything else about FocusV Carta. So, what’s unique with this portable dab rig? Let’s find out.  

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Some of the Best Marijuana Strains to Prevent Hair Loss

The statistic brain shows that an approximate of 56 million individuals in the US are experiencing hair loss. Therefore, hair growth products are now becoming part of the fast-growing industry with many people believing that marijuana can prevent hair loss. A study shows that applying hemp oil to your hair, as a cosmetic help incorporate cannabis compounds.

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How to Know If A CBD Oil Is Genuine or Not?

After the legalization of cannabis in most states, the use of CBD has greatly increased. As a result, you will realize the use of CBD in many places such as health stores, and coffee shops, among other places. Additionally, the CBD is currently being mixed with drinks, lotions, and cocktails. For this reason, it is now readily and easily available on the market.

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Kratom vs CBD: The Differences between These 2 “Grey Area” Products

When you embark on researching about health effects of products like Kratom and CBD, most likely you are wondering what the difference between them is. This post sets the record straight by revealing in a clear manner the difference between these two plant-based products.


CBD oil is derived from a hemp plant, which is usually abundantly found in countries like Central China and several parts across Mediterranean Europe. On the other hand, Kratom is extracted from a tropical tree that belongs to the coffee family. The tree is most commonly found in South East Asia and especially in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Myanmar.

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