The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University Cannabis Program Overview

As more and more students look for growing industry sectors, positions in cannabis related employment has become a very hot and interesting field of study. With more and more universities around the world developing content and programs to support this demand, schools like the Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University’s students now have many education options that didn’t exist a decade ago

Here is an overview of the cannabis program at the Chang School of Continuing Education:

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10 Things to Know About Travelling Abroad and CBD Vape

In 2020, it’s so easy to get CBD oil. Since it’s pretty much legalized in all states, you can buy it on almost every corner. Whether it’s for recreational or medical purposes, more and more people are turning to CBD oil for relief.

While you’re free to use in the country, what happens if you want to travel with your CBD vape? Here are ten things you should know if you plan on traveling abroad with CBD oil by your side.

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Here’s where the 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Cannabis

Come Nov. 3, 2020 Americans will elect a new president- or re-elect the present President of the United States.

Political pundits believe that the electoral landscape today differs from 2016. A large section of the public cares about cannabis. And others are looking for significant distinctions to support cannabis law changes.

Supporting legalization is not enough. A candidate’s attitude towards cannabis should include an array of issues such as changes in the social justice and criminal justice system.

In addition, the presidentiables should talk about the potential economic benefits of cannabis from job creation to taxes that businesses pay to boost the economy.

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7 Reasons You Should Take CBD Gummies & Oil for Sleep

As a non-psychoactive compound of hemp, CBD brings many benefits of using cannabis without any of the drawbacks. It can help to treat or at least alleviate the symptoms of many psychological and physiological conditions, and it’s commonly used for fighting insomnia.

Over 25% of people in the US suffer from insomnia. It’s one of the most prevalent sleep disorders that can truly affect your quality of life, making you feel less productive and motivated, and more susceptible to developing depression, among other things.

Considering the effectiveness of CBD in fighting insomnia and its subsequent high demand, it’s not surprising that it comes in so many different forms. You can get CBD e-liquids for vaping, CBD skincare products, capsules, and tinctures. But the most popular products are CBD gummies and tinctures. Using CBD tinctures by earth medicine may improve your sleep quality and fights off insomnia.

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Cannabis and Coronavirus: The Highs and Lows of Quarantine

The World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus to be a pandemic back in mid-March. This has resulted in world governments imposing strict measures and regulations in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus and preserve public health.

Schools and businesses have been disrupted, almost everyone’s under lockdown, and we all have to follow social distancing and other measures to flatten the curve. What does this mean for cannabis users?

Can you use cannabis to fight off coronavirus? Can you even buy it at your local dispensary? Let’s take a look and see the highs and lows of quarantine, and its effects on cannabis users.

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Shopping for Cannabis Online in Canada? A Beginner’s Guide

Buying weed online has become massive since cannabis was legalized in Canada. The Cannabis Act of 2018 has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for Canadian cannabis connoisseurs.

Among the reasons why weed smokers are flocking to online weed mail order sites are convenience, selection and price. Below we’ll discuss some of the main reasons why people are buying online, followed by a beginner’s guide to buying from an Online dispensary in Canada.

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5 Tips For A More Fun Vaping Experience

Vaping is slowly emerging as a subculture; terms like ‘ vape-nation’ and ‘cloud chasers’ are becoming popular. There are a huge number of forums, blogs, and youtube channels dedicated to it. Competition is rising in E-cigarettes markets as customers demand more sophistication in the product. E-cigarettes hit the market in 2007, and ever since then, there is no looking back. Whether vaping actually attains a status of sub-culture or will fade away, that is something only time can tell.

For now, every vape lover demands a better experience and wants a vaping session to be extreme fun. Luckily, there are plenty of products on the market that can take your vaping experience to the next level. Let us dive into the subject and discover some tricks and tips that can add so much more fun to your vaping experience.

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CBD’s Role in Treating Lupus – What You Should Know!

Lupus is one of those diseases that has no established cure or treatment. As bad as it already is, the lack of awareness about the disease makes it difficult to understand and point out its symptoms. In the current scenario, more than a million people are suffering from this chronic disease. Thus, it has become the need of the hour to find a definite cure for this autoimmune disease. 

Anecdotally speaking, CBD might have quite a connection with treatment of lupus. It is known for its therapeutic qualities, one of which is its ability of treating inflammatory rheumatic conditions, such as acute arthritis. Since lupus is also a rheumatic disease, there are chances that CBD can heal people from this deadly condition. 

There is very little evidence to prove how CBD can help in the treatment of lupus. However, even the limited study on the topic has suggested that CBD is a good treatment for such a condition. If you want to learn more on the same, then this article is for you!

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Is CBD a Potent Solution for Fibromyalgia?

Once considered a fictitious health condition, Fibromyalgia does not have a decent cure available in today’s world. With more than 10 million people suffering from this disease currently, it is slowly becoming a challenge for medical practitioners to find a solution to heal this disease. 

This is where CBD comes into question, for it is being considered as an optimum solution for Fibromyalgia. This miraculous product is known as a therapeutic solution for many health problems, such as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and inflammation. So why is it being considered so? Is there any evidence to prove the same? Let’s find out in this article. 

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