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New Study: CBD May Treat Symptoms Responsible For Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction Relapse

A new study published in the September issue of the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism has found strong evidence that cannabidiol, or CBD, may offer highly effective treatment for symptoms known to trigger addiction relapse. The study, conducted by researchers from the Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Department of the Scripps Research Institute, and the University of Maryland …

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Study: Opioid Overdose Deaths Drop As Much As 50% in States Where Medical Cannabis is Legalized

A new study published online yesterday in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine has found states that have legalized medical cannabis have seen a drastic reduction of opioid overdose mortality rates. Researchers from the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the University of Pennsylvania, Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Johns …

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New Report: War on Drugs Causes Increase in Deforestation Throughout Central America

A new report, published in January’s issue of the journal Science, has found that the war on drugs has drastically increased the rate of deforestation in many parts of Central America. Titled Drug Policy as Conservation Policy: Narco-Deforestation, the report details how drug traffickers, avoiding crackdowns in places like Mexico, are increasingly shifting towards more remote, …

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75.5% of Medical Cannabis Patients Report Substituting Cannabis for Pharmaceuticals and Hard Drugs

A study published in the recent issue of the journal Addiction Research and Theory has found that the majority of those who use medical cannabis do so to replace harmful substances such as alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs. According to the study; “Over 41% state that they use cannabis as a substitute for alcohol, 36.1% use …

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Capitol of Columbia Plans to Use Cannabis to Help Fight Drug Addiction

The City of Bogota, the capitol of Columbia, is considering a new program to help the drug addicts in their city break their addictions using marijuana. For years the country has combated widespread drug use, particularly of a drug called basuca (similar to crack cocaine). To combat the social and health problems associated with this …

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