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Anthony is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog. He has worked closely with numerous elected officials who support cannabis law reform, including as the former Campaign Manager for King County (WA) Councilmember Dave Upthegrove. He has been published by multiple media outlets, and is a former contributor for Village Voice Media. Anthony can be reached at

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Patients And Doctors Go On Hunger Strike In Israel Over New Medical Marijuana Restrictions

The Israel Government has recently introduced new regulations on the medical marijuana program in the country, including limitations on what patients and conditions qualify for treatment. Now, doctors and patients are protesting the new restrictions. One of their methods; a hunger strike outside the home of Health Minister Yael German.

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New Research Indicates Hemp Processing May Have Taken Place Throughout Human Society

New research being published in the June issue of the journal Geology, and published online early, has found evidence of hemp retting from early society, indicating that humans produced hemp products likely throughout society’s existence. The study’s abstract starts, “Hemp (Cannabis sp.) has been a fundamental plant for the development of human societies. Its fibers …

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Liquor Control Board Releases Draft Regulations for Recreational Marijuana Sales in Washington

After months of discussion, debate and public input, Washington State’s Liquor Control Board – the regulatory body overseeing recreational marijuana sales in Washington State – has released its initial draft regulations for the newly-legal industry. The board will hold a public hearing on the regulations in the coming weeks as they finalize these rules, with …

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Council Members Planning Measure to Decriminalize Marijuana At Nation’s Capitol

Recent polling out of Washington D.C., which found that an overwhelming 75% of residents support marijuana decriminalization, has caused quite a stir, and built a large amount of excitement among advocates. The Marijuana Policy Project has announced that they could run an initiative in the city as soon as next year, and NORML’s Executive Director …

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University Study: Coloradans to Consume over 2 Million Ounces of Marijuana in 2014

A new study conducted by the Colorado Futures Center, located at the University of Colorado, has concluded that roughly 642,000 Colorado residents will consume nearly 2.4 million ounces of legal marijuana in 2014. This equals roughly 142,000 pounds. According to the study, the average consumer will consume 3.5 ounces for the year. The study found …

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Congressman to U.S. Attorney General: ‘This is the Time to Remedy Prohibition’

“One of the greatest threats to liberty has been the government taking people‚Äôs liberty for things that people are in favor of”, stated Congressman Steve Cohen from Tennessee, during a congressional oversight hearing with Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday. He continued, “The Pew Research Group shows that 52 percent of people do not think …

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University Study Finds Marijuana May Combat Depression and Lead to Higher Self-Esteem

A comprehensive four-part study conducted at the University of Kentucky has found marijuana to be helpful in reducing the pain associated with social exclusion, and that it may combat against depression, and may lead to higher self-esteem. “The current research provides the first evidence that marijuana also dampens the negative emotional consequences of social exclusion …

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Los Angeles Measure F Would Allow Unlimited Number of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Lets Free Market reign

Los Angeles voters will be deciding the future of their city’s medical marijuana laws this coming Tuesday, May 21st, when they will be presented with 3 measure, Measure E, D and F. All of these measure are related to medical marijuana, meaning that if all three pass, the one with the most votes will become …

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Study: Marijuana Consumption May Combat Diabetes

New research published in the recent issue of the American Journal of Medicine has found that the body of those who consume marijuana may be better at controlling blood sugar, making it a potential combatant against diabetes. According to the study, marijuana users had significantly lower levels of the hormone insulin – indicating better blood …

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Australian Committee Votes Unanimously to Legalize Medical Marijuana

A New South Wales parliamentary committee has unanimously recommended the legalization of medical marijuana for those with terminal illnesses such as cancer and AIDS, according to The Australian. If the measure is approved by the state’s government, qualified patients would be authorized to possess and use up to 15 grams of marijuana. The committee vote, …

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