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Anthony is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog. He has worked closely with numerous elected officials who support cannabis law reform, including as the former Campaign Manager for King County (WA) Councilmember Dave Upthegrove. He has been published by multiple media outlets, and is a former contributor for Village Voice Media. Anthony can be reached at

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Over 300 Recreational Cannabis Stores to Open in Washington Under Proposed Regulations

Washington State’s Liquor Control Board, the entity tasked with regulating the newly-legal recreational cannabis industry, has released its latest draft regulations, which includes the number of retail outlets which will be allowed in each county. Under the proposed rules – which will be finalized by October 16th – a maximum of 334 retail outlets will …

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New Report: Cannabis Use On the Rise, Use of Prescription Painkillers, Cocaine and Meth Declining

The 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health was released today, finding for at least the 6th straight year that cannabis consumption is on the rise. The report found that 7.3% of those 12 and older consumed cannabis in 2012, up from 5.8% in 2007. Despite the rise in cannabis consumption, the use of …

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New Study: Cannabis May Protect the Liver From Cadmium Toxicity

A new study published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology has found that cannabidiol – a compound found in cannabis – may protect the liver against cadmium toxicity. Cadmium is a chemical element (a metal) which is severely dangerous to the liver; it’s found in things such as cigarette smoke, cheap …

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Australia Political Party Calls for the National Legalization of Cannabis

A political party in Australia called HEMP – an acronym for Help End Marijuana Prohibition – has officially launched its 2013 election campaign by fielding 12 Senate candidates across 6 states, and calling for the national legalization of cannabis. “America has given us huge encouragement,” says Michael Balderstone, President of HEMP, “Half of America now …

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For Years the DEA Has Monitored Over 4 Billion Calls a Day

For years the DEA has worked in collaboration with AT&T to monitor over 4 billion phone calls a day in an attempt to combat the illegal drug trade, according to the New York Times.  This monitoring – which surpasses that of the National Security Agency (NSA), which has recently come under fire for similar conduct …

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New Study: Cannabis Can Reduce the Pain Associated With Rare Form of Multiple Sclerosis

A new study published in the science journal PLOS One has found that activation of the body’s cannabinoid receptors – something which cannabis does naturally – is directly linked to a reduction in the pain associated with Devic’s syndrome, a rare form of multiple sclerosis. The study, which was funded in part by the German Research …

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Compounds in Cannabis Found to Reduce Nausea in New Study

A new study published by the British Journal of Pharmacology and the National Institute of Health has found that THCV, and CBDV – two compounds found naturally in cannabis which aren’t psychoactive like THC – were both successful at reducing nausea in rat subjects.

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New Study: State Crime Labs Receive Incentives for Guilty Verdicts

A new study published in the journal Criminal Justice Ethics has found that many state crime labs receive financial incentives for guilty verdicts, creating an environment where false-positive test results are beneficial to the lab conducting the tests, leading to the wrongful conviction of countless individuals. According to the study’s abstract; “The American criminal justice …

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WA Proposal to Defelonize Simple Drug Possession to be Filed in Upcoming Legislative Session

A recently-announced proposal in Washington State to defelonize simple drug possession has garnered a primary legislative sponsor, State Representative Sherry Appleton, and will be formally filed in the upcoming legislative session, which begins in January. In addition to Representative Appleton, Representatives Joe Fitzgibbon, Jim Moeller (Speaker Pro Tempore) and Chris Reykdal have all signed on …

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Study Finds Acupuncture Works by Activating Cannabinoid Receptors

A recent study published by the National Institute of Health has found the first clear evidence that acupuncture activates cannabinoid receptors, which likely plays a vital role in the procedure’s ability to reduce pain. While studying mice subjects, researchers “found that repeated EA at Zusanli (ST36) and Kunlun (BL60) acupoints resulted in marked improvements in …

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