Australia to Legalize Medical Cannabis Cultivation

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Australia to Legalize Medical Cannabis Cultivation

australiaAustralia’s Health Minister Susan Ley has announced that the nation will soon legalize the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. Ley says she believes the move is the right thing to do to help people suffering from debilitating illnesses.

“I have heard stories of patients who have resorted to illegal methods of obtaining cannabis and I have felt for them, because with a terminal condition, the most important thing is quality of life and relief of pain,” says Ley. “And we know that many people are calling out for medicinal cannabis. It is important therefore that we recognize those calls for help, that we put in place what we know will support a safe, legal and sustainable supply of a product.”

According to Ley, the government will soon amend nation’s Narcotic Drugs Act to allow for cannabis to be cultivated by those whose physician recommends they use the plant to treat a debilitating medical condition.

According to polling released last year, only 14% of those in Australia oppose the legalization of medical cannabis.

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    October 17, 2015


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