Army Sends Letters to WA Cannabis Stores Demanding they Don’t Sell to Troops

The United States Army’s Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board has sent a letter to multiple recreational cannabis retail outlets in Washington State demanding that they take actions to assure they no longer sell cannabis to members of the armed forces.

This revelation was brought to the public by Hilary Bricken, an attorney and member of Canna Law Group. Hilary represents several clients that received the letter. The Army was not specific on what disciplinary actions would be taken if the shops don’t comply. It’s also unknown exactly how many cannabis outlets received the letter, which can be found below.
























We’ll keep you updated as this story progresses.


7 thoughts on “Army Sends Letters to WA Cannabis Stores Demanding they Don’t Sell to Troops”

  1. This is just a threatening letter an they can take no action against the stores they can only take action against the troops. . They are far reaching past there capabilities to disalpline the stores they cant opperate at the civilian level .. they are a branch of the military thats not even supposed to be operating within our civilian government. . I would have just laughed at the letter. .. according to the constitution the military is not supposed to be operating within our country except for military bases or project sites nore do they have any baring on civilian owned or run businesses so with that i think there just asking to not do so but this is not a possibility for them because special forces officer’s as a gentleman mentioned before that they are not supposed to identify them selves as so.. an unless it is a requirement for the stores or customer to show there service id’s to make a purchase an as far as i know they only need to show there civilian id’s an there license to make a purchase…!!!

  2. Standard form letter to inform a business that they are off limits to service members. The army has already taken the most drastic action they can take against the business. They only need to respond if they wish to be taken off the list.

  3. I bet it wasn’t the army that sent the letters but some dick who’s just into scaring the stores. The army has it’s own military police for enforcing their own rules about what you can and cannot do in town. They have no interest in telling businesses who they can sell to. For example: Brothels in Nevada.

  4. So…There is a definite tone of threat to this letter, likely because they can’t do shit. This is why I personally would like to see jblm relocated further away from my city. Idiot soldiers smoking spice obviously caused this. The letter clearly states “substances similar to marijuana”, so here is the solution… Present evidence that you get your pot by state approved means and never even stock or sell spice, and that if their soldiers had a weed like substance on them that they say came from your store it is definitely that dope ass super duper chronic fire weed and not spice. They can’t do shit. It’s their fault for being here. Just like the ten soldiers who gang raped my friend after luring her on to base and got away with it because they all claimed she was a whore. It’s a bullshit double standard, get the troops high as much as you can.


    Col David L Chase is fed up with his soldiers coming back with Spice instead of that Bomb Ass Sticky Icky Purple shit he asked for…

  5. Does this include SEALS and Delta Force members, who are not supposed to reveal their identities to the public? What about military contractors? Are we under martial law? Does this include CIA assigned to military units? Why don’t they make themselves clear? And HTF are recreational marjiuana stores supposed to know when these people walk in? They’re spies, for Christ’s sake! Valerie Plame wasn’t about to out herself to some kid at Top Shelf for a $35 gram of Blue Dream, do you think? Does this apply to honor guards and desk jockeys? Recruiters? What about reservists?

  6. It means that they have been placed on a black list where Soldiers (as the letterhead clearly states Army. It is just off limits to military personnel and doesn’t mean that they will face any kind of “fines” or other “punitive” action. The punishment is supposed to be the lack of military business. Military personnel are subject to Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for visiting such locations. This isn’t the HUGE deal you guys are making it, as a result there really isn’t any legal action to take, as it really doesn’t affect that business anyway. (I was former military) The only time this could affect a business is in the instance of clubs (dance or gentleman’s clubs) where a decrease of military personnel business actually affects their bottomline. This is really a non-story. Sorry 😉


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