Arkansas Bill Amending Medical Cannabis Law Sent to Governor

Legislation that amends Arkansas’ medical cannabis law has been passed through the state’s legislature and sent to Governor Asa Hutchinson for consideration.

House Bill 1400 was passed by the House of Representatives on March 17th with a unanimous 88 to 0 vote; six days later it was passed by the Senate 31 to 1. Today the measure was “Correctly enrolled and ordered transmitted to the Governor’s Office.”

The proposed law would amend the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016 to prohibit smoking of marijuana:

1. In a place where the smoking of tobacco is prohibited by law;
2. In the presence of a person who is under fourteen (14) years of age;
3. Inside a motor vehicle, aircraft, motorized watercraft, or any vehicle drawn by power other than
muscle power;
4. Knowingly in the presence of a pregnant woman; or
5. In a place where the smoking of marijuana for medical use is likely to cause another person not authorized to use marijuana to be under the influence of marijuana.

The bill also:

provides that smoking marijuana for medical use by a person under twenty-one (21) years of age is not authorized. The bill also would require a warning label to be placed on all marijuana that is processed or sold for smoking that communicates the health and safety risks associated with smoking and a list of places and conditions in which smoking marijuana for medical use is illegal in the State of Arkansas.


You can click here for the full text of House Bill 1400.

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