Arizona Supreme Court Rules Cannabis Legalization Initiative Will Be On November Ballot

Arizona Supreme CourtThe Arizona Supreme Court has put the final nail in the coffin (to state a cliche) of those trying to prevent a cannabis legalization initiative (Proposition 205) from being voting on this November. The highest court rejected a lawsuit by Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy calling on the initiative to be removed from the November ballot.

According to opponents of the measure, it should be removed from the 2016 general election ballot because petitions that were signed by voters left out provisions, had a misleading title, and proponents allegedly failed to be transparent about revenue sources. The court rejected all of these complaints, stating that the group behind the initiative did everything legal in gathering enough signatures to make the ballot.

The initiative, which would legalize the possession, personal cultivation and licensed distribution of cannabis, will be voting on November 8th. Voters in Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts and California will be voting on legalization the same day.

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    • herbwarrior420 on September 1, 2016 at 12:09 pm
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    again the minority prohibitionists will try anything to go against the Majority of voters.

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