Arizona Lawmaker Announces Forthcoming Proposal to Legalize Cannabis

Arizona State Representative Ethan Orr, a Republican, has announced that he will file a proposal to legalize cannabiscannabisisnotpot early next year. Although no specific details were given on what exactly the bill will do, Orr says it will be modeled after cannabis legalization initiatives which were approved in Colorado and Washington State in 2012.

Last month, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) of Arizona officially launched its campaign to legalize cannabis in the state, with the group planning to put an initiative on the 2016 presidential election ballot. Orr’s goal is to have his proposal approved into law before MPP’s initiative is put to a vote.

According to polling released last year by the Behavior Research Center, 56% of those in Arizona support the legalization of cannabis.


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  1. News flash! Colorado brought in 45 million extra dollars. The other states are not going to have any excuses to raise teacher wages. Why not legalize in every state? Law enforcement , fire fighters, and teachers unite to start getting the money you have derserved for centuries. Spread it around. Legal cannabis is a good idea.


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