Arizer Air 2 – Why Arizer’s Latest Vape is a Game Changer?

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Arizer Air 2 – Why Arizer’s Latest Vape is a Game Changer?

By Barbara M.

When Arizer brought out the Arizer Air the vaping world stood still. Never before had we seen such a magnificent creation. The structure and the material used to create it was unreal. The flavor you got while smoking it was like no other. The sweet hit you felt at the back of your throat brought tears to many eyes at the beautiful aroma and flavor you received. All five senses were hit amazingly, and you just had to sit back and relax and not take for granted the amazing world we live where company’s such as Arizer were churning out these amazing products. Then something amazing happened. Arizer made an announcement. The news swept through the vaping scene like a fire in a fireworks factory. Arizer were bring out a successor to their incredible Arizer Air, simply known as the Arizer Air 2.

Arizer Air 2

So where to start with the Arizer Air 2? Well to begin a small minority of people thought that the originals Air had an airflow that didn’t reach its full potential. However, Arizer heard this and decided to face this problem head on. Comparing the heating elements between the new Air and the originals, it’s really no contest. The Arizer Air 2’s is ridiculously powerful as it lets you take a harder pull from the mouthpiece but it also doesn’t affect the temperature that you set it at as the heat is being evenly distributed.

Next upgrade from the original Arizer Air is the brilliant boost in the vaporizers battery life. The Arizer Air 2 has an extra twenty minutes of battery life when compared to the already great sixty minutes of battery life that the original Arizer Air had, leaving you with at least an hour and twenty minutes of usage before you have to recharge the vape.

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The best part of the Arizer Air 2 is the interface, without a shadow of a doubt. Previously there was different lights which represent a variety of different things. Now however Arizer have upgraded that as well. The Arizer Air 2 has a brilliant OLED display with a great deal of valuable information on it. It shows you what percent of battery life you have remaining, also lets you set the auto-shutoff timer, reminder tone volume, lets you adjust the brightness, shows the temperature of the vaporizer which goes from 122 to 428 Fahrenheit which you can also show in one or ten increments. An underrated feature is also being able to customize the length of time that it takes to turn the vape on as well which is highly useful. This vape could be used by experts and beginners alike as there is no real learning curve. There’s also buttons below the OLED display which let you control the temperature.

Size and Portability

The shape of the Arizer Air 2 is cylindrical which lends itself to portability aspect of the device as it will easily fit into your pocket, so you can discreetly bring it wherever you need to go. It’s a small vaporizer even by Arizer’s standards. It’s 4.8 inches tall and approximately 1.1 inches in diameter. This size means that it’s just perfect for a user to grip and use it easily.


The Arizer Air 2 does not require a lot of cleaning as long as you treat it and use it right. So, if you do not over fill the stems, keep the herbs out of the oven and empty the oven after each use you should be fine regarding cleaning the vaporizer. The stem is the part of the vape that gets the dirtiest. A rinse of warm water should do the trick. A delicate clean, done regularly, is all you really to do to keep the vape in tip top shape. The Arizer Air 2 is as low maintenance as possible!

Comparison: Old Guard v New Guard

While the original Arizer Air vaporizer was a truly amazing piece of equipment it just couldn’t hold a torch to the Air 2. Between the extra battery life that you get with the Arizer Air 2 and the OLED display upgrade (the original Air had lights instead which led to a lot of guesswork by users) the Arizer Air 2 is miles ahead of not just the original Air but most of the other high-quality vaporizers on the market at this time.


The Arizer Air 2 is a truly amazing vaporizer and your vaping session won’t be the same ever again. The digital screen and the clear-cut temperature control makes it leaps and bound better than the first one. It heats up ridiculous fast and the improvement in battery life is noticeable when your using it in one of your long vaping sessions. So, I say definitely put this on your Christmas list if you can and don’t delay as these will be flying of the shelves in no time at all!

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