It’s Approaching – What You Need to Need about New Marijuana Legislation in California

By Sam G.

Rejoice, all you pot smokers of California, cause your day is near. January 1, 2018 is more than just the first day of a new year, it’s also the first day you will able to buy marijuana legally in recreational purposes in authorized dispensary shops, and on the condition you are 21.

If you use marijuana, either in medical or recreational purposes, you must have already heard about the good news, but here are just a few points to clarify the matter and convince you once again it’s not too good to be true, it actually is true.

Yes, You Can Get Into Dispensary on January 1 and Buy Marijuana

It is quite simple if a few basic conditions are fulfilled. First, you need to be 21. Then, you need to find a dispensary near you, and finally, it has to have temporary license to operate. And that’s it. Hopefully, all the dispensaries should have their licenses on January 1st, as the state of California has already started distributing them in order to be fully prepared for the big day. This is done through the online application system and the licenses are emailed to retailers.

However, this happy new time won’t start with the arrival of New Year at midnight, so you will have towait until the morning to buy your first legal recreational pot. According to the state law, the retailers will be allowed to sell cannabis only in the period from 6 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Where to Find the Nearest Dispensary?

Okay, here we come to the difficult part, I mean, not necessarily, but depending on where you live. Namely, not too many cities have embraced this idea of legal sales of recreational marijuana, so some counties such as Kern County or Shasta County voted against selling marijuana and banned the whole process back in October. Some of the counties, such as San Jose, took quite a long time to actually make a decision but eventually decided in favor of the commercial pot sales. Others are still weighing, hopefully in favor of the new law.

The best places to be are Oakland, Desert Hot Springs, adequately nicknames ͞Desert Pot Springs͟ for its fiery support of the legalization, and the neighboring cities in the Coachella Valley.

Having all this in mind, let’s hope you live in the ͞right͟ part of the state or be ready to travel to the nearest dispensary. Or, hey, you know, maybe even move, who knows.

Another important note, not all medicinal dispensaries will go recreational, so keep this in mind, too. The decision is up to the owners of the establishments whether they want to promote recreational use of the herb. Some dispensaries truly believe in the medicinal properties of marijuana and do not necessarily want healthy people using it. Here’s why so many people advocate the medicinal use of pot


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