An International Glance At Reefer Madness

An International Glance At Reefer Madness

In many parts of the world, reefer madness is alive, and ridiculous.


The Times of India.

Today, The Times of India – one of India’s top news outlets – has put up an article that shrieks of yesteryear propaganda. The article, titled “Marijuana addicts get hooked young“, is laughable, if not trying to be passed off as serious journalism.

The article starts:

“An MBA student from a wealthy family here drew a lot of attention at a nightclub due to his antics. Minutes later, his unruly conduct led to a brawl and a visit to a police station.

The youngster even beat up a policeman. That night, his parents came to know that their son was smoking marijuana or ganja, a psychotic drug which can prove lethal.”

For one; bunk. If this “youngster” would of drunken a cup of coffee that night, it wouldn’t be mentioned. Anyone’s who’s ever puffed a joint, or knows someone who has, knows that it doesn’t tend to lead to cop-beating behavior.

Beyond this, saying that the drug can prove lethal is an undeniable lie. Cannabis is a non-lethal substance. It’s physically impossible for a human to overdose imageson it. Even a government funded study from the later 90’s concluded that no degree of cannabis use had any effect on mortality.

We understand that India media might be behind the times, but that’s no excuse for ridiculous pieces like this, and there’s no reason why readers shouldn’t revolt. And those in America; comments on this particular article are open to those outside of India.

The article goes on to quote a doctor from a local detox facility:

“But people need to think twice about using marijuana because it can affect brain development and result in chronic mental illnesses like schizophrenia”.

This is also bogus, and a continued lie of propaganda. Recent research published in the journal Schizophrenia Research has found that cannabis use isn’t associated with the onset of psychosis.

The article continues with the same style of propaganda, implying that it’s a menace for young adults. Something worthy of discipline.

This type of propaganda is, of course, felt and seen all around the world, regardless of what country someone’s in. It’s important we do everything we can to break free of it, using science, facts and sound reasoning.

In the case of media outlets like the Times of India, they need to be quickly educated, boycotted, and if possible, protested.

In another part of the world, Malaysia, people are still getting the death penalty for non-violent cannabis offenses.

Just last month, a 23 year old man was sentenced to death for accusations of trafficking 37-38 pounds of cannabis.

Disgusting, draconian…..unbelievable.

As a nation, we need to rise above and condemn such dastardly actions. Rather, our government plays directly in to the fears and stigma that make these type of travesties possible, by continuing an unconscionable war on cannabis.

Enough is enough.

– TheJointBlog

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