American Farm Bureau Federation Calls for Hemp Legalization

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), the nation’s largest and most influential farm groups, has approved a resolution in support of removing hemp from the federal list ofhemp_dawn-600x412 controlled substances, which would effectively end its prohibition.

The vote came during AFBF’s 95th annual meeting last week, which took place in San Antonio, Texas.

Advocates of legalizing hemp have praised the passage of the resolution.

“The AFBF position on removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act demonstrates a positive shift at the grassroots level, it shows that farmers all over the U.S. see industrial hemp for what it is—a versatile, low-input crop,” says Eric Steenstra, President of the nonprofit organization Vote Hemp. “Farmers see hemp imported from China, Canada, and realize that they’re missing out on the growing U.S. market for hemp. That farmers are coming forward with formal support for policy change in favor of hemp legalization is a huge step forward and Congress should follow their lead and pass legislation to once again allow hemp farming under federal law.”

The passage of this resolution will undoubtedly add weight to the national movement to end hemp prohibition.


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  1. It’s good …but a little levity to remind everybody that it is the special interests lobby funding thst has kept it on the books so long. It’s a battle won but it’s not the end of the war to legslize, industrialize or legitimize the industry.

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