All Marijuana Use is Medicinal

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All Marijuana Use is Medicinal

Many medical marijuana opponents often cite in their opposition – with no valid backing – that the majority of patients aren’t actually sick, and are using marijuana “just to get high”. This is, of course, based on amedical-marijuana-symboln assumption that they know what someone who’s “sick” looks like, as if all ailments are visible.

Besides this assumption being a fundamental fallacy, what those who make this argument don’t understand, is that all marijuana use is medicinal.

Hear us out.

People are rapidly beginning and continuing to understand the vast medical benefit that marijuana contains, helping with everything from glaucoma to multiple sclerosis. Many of the dozens of conditions that marijuana helps are conditions where it brings immediate relief.

For example, when someone with glaucoma consumes cannabis, they typically have an immediate easing of pressure in their eyes, and their sight improves drastically. Someone with cancer who takes a few tokes will have an increased appetite, and less nausea. So on and so forth.

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However, few people take into account just how incredible marijuana is as a preventive medicine, which effects all consumers. In fact, it’s easily the most diverse preventive medicine on the planet, and someone would be hard-pressed to prove that statement wrong.

For example: Recent research has found that marijuana..

At this point, and this is exciting stuff, we’re preaching to the choir when speaking in support of medical marijuana. Recent polling has found 85% of Americans to be in support of legal medicinal cannabis. The truth, and science, is breaking through decades of propaganda, and fast. Now we must get elected officials to understand the suffering they’re causing by refusing to end a prohibition on a medicine that could help essentially everyone on this beautiful rotating planet.



  • Belinda Cambridge
    June 9, 2013

    Any brain tumor is inherently serious and life-threatening because of its invasive and infiltrative character in the limited space of the intracranial cavity. However, brain tumors (even malignant ones) are not invariably fatal, especially lipomas which are inherently benign. Brain tumors or intracranial neoplasms can be cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (benign);,.”;

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    • Anonymous
      November 6, 2014

      i’m sorry but do you live with a brain tumor? I cant say it really matters if its malignant or not I suppose location could come into play there. But when one is in your head you become whatever it decide it is going to do to you. they all tend to grow some jsut slower than others, so the benign or malignant for me really hasn’t much meaning. Meaningful aspects of brain tumors are simply to be normal, the person you once were.
      Mine is inoperable so it really matters not what it is, so in order for them to definitely put a name an possible chemo deletions to the thing for possible treatments I am faced with a biopsy that will leave me to learn to walk talk ect. Ive done that already an it is not easy its extremely hard, ha even PT’s had no answers for me as to return to normal small motor skills eh they didnt help with any of it anyway Ive learned on my own. But a double whammy in one year is too much. I want a real alternative not just a possibility that has horrible risks. Id rather let nature have its way with me than to turn myself over to doctors that dont even have true answers..not much has changed since my mothers brain tumor in the 70’s. We left the country to help her an it did work for years.

  • Granger Null
    September 7, 2014

    We all have things that is wrong with us, The Doctors may not have found it yet, or we may not be aware of it but it will eventually make itself manifest.Cannabis heals it what ever it is, because it heals and, corrects our DNA, thus the flaws in the blueprint of us is corrected.The reality is it is impossible to abuse cannabis, WHY ? BECAUSE NO MATTER HOW MUCH CANNABIS YOU USE IT ALWAYS HAS HEALTH BENEFITS. PERIOD. Unlike alcohol witch has harmful effects on the body, cannabis is only healing no mater how much is used.Our endogenous cannabinoid system is brought into ballance and equilibrium by the phylocannabinoids in cannabis.Cannabis causes cellular communication with our immune system witch heals the body, thus it is good for you in any amount.So even when cannabis is used recreationally to get stoned it is having medicinal benefits.

  • Randy Ollar
    August 10, 2015

    Where can I find a dr in Reno NV. That I can talk
    With about Geting a card ? I live with Cronick
    Pain and want off the Pain Pills. Any list of Dr,s
    Out there ? In Reno Nv , Thank You So Much

  • Anonymous
    November 11, 2015

    Cannabis oil cured my skin cancer in three days!I With one drop I’ve been eating about half gram oil within 5 days three times a year.I am cancer free. I’ve had no new ailments No colds flue headache.I have forgotten what it’s like to be sick!! We now know that all mammals are born with cannabis Does this mean we are all subject to arrest? I think
    maybe We are the aliens that are destroying our planet.We are not allowed To have something that we are intended to use to make us more human.We need to get everyone on the planet on pot.Deliver our world into light and life.
    You don’t need to wait for Jesus ,He is here now.Lets be Jesus like.Storm the hospitals and save the suffering people.
    Children are dying today that don’t need to.Lets march on Washington.By doing so we helped stop the Vietnam war.I feel the blacks were still slaves.being subject to discrimination until they had Million Man March.Free at last.
    Someone came up with a list of 700 conditions that pot helps.There is NO reason not to eat pot.There is 700 things that you will not get.And become a little more human.

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