All about Diesel Feminized Seeds


dieselThe name Diesel Feminized Seeds itself suggests the weed to be strong, powerful and reliable. This cannabis strain allows all the ganja connoisseurs to have a zesty lemon grapefruit flavor in a potent and delicious hybrid which is easy to grow and simple to smoke. Based on the unique hybrid, this cannabis was first discovered in NYC and has become a legend. It was created from a cross-breeding sour diesel clone with Afghani clone. It tastes fruity and very psychedelic, giving a great buzz to the users. The THC level of this strain is also high.  The buzz characterized by northern light marijuana strain enables the consumer to be happy, giggly and energetic. Besides, Diesel feminized has 5 times won award for Cannabis Cup winning Indica/Sativa hybrid.

Diesel Feminized Seeds Smoking Effects

Diesel Feminized is also known for the high they produce when consumed. It is extremely deep and relaxes the body buzz as well as lasts for a longer time. Smoking this strain starts like a regular Sativa trip but eventually you will feel the indica coming in and drown you in the earth. Smoking Diesel Feminized gives you an exceptional comfort level and a soothing relaxation state. If you have ever smoked weed before, there are high chances that you might have smoked a northern light strain. This strain is also well-known for its ability to cure nausea and relive stress.


Since this plant is full of Sativa, it takes more time to flower unlike the other Indica-Sativa hybrid. It has a unique citrus taste which is uncommon in any other cannabis seed. If you are a novice and smoking this weed for the first time, you will be pleased by its strong lemon and grapefruit flavor. When handles with care, the dried buds unleash mouth-watering aroma to make any smoker go crazy and make him feel heaven.

Grower’s info:

Diesel Feminized Seeds are hardy and favorable for outdoor growing conditions. Though, it is necessary to make sure that they grow in tropical climate. Because of sativa genetics, they grow tall with big wide side branches. Enough space is required for the buds to flourish. Even when you think of growing them indoors, make sure that there is no shortage of space. Growing them outdoors is the best option, although ensure that the adverse weather conditions do not obstruct their growth

One must also know that thus seed is less mold resistant as compared to other Sativa dominant strains. If properly maintained, they are very high yielding and guarantee you excellent stuff in the end with long-lasting high and power-packed body stone.

Buying Online

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