Alaska House Unanimously Approves Resolution Urging Feds to Respect Their Marijuana Law

Alaska’s House of Representatives is formally calling on the federal government to respect their marijuana laws.

The House on Monday voted unanimously, 38 to 0, to pass a resolution asking the federal government to respect Alaska’s law that allows, regulates and taxes marijuana use, production and distribution. According to the Associated Press, the resolution also urges the federal government to reconsider its listing of marijuana as a controlled substance.

The resolution now goes to the Senate. The Senate has thus far rejected a resolution from Senator Berta Gardner (D) that pushes back against Attorney General Jeff Sessions decision to rescind the Obama-era Cole Memo (which allowed state-legal marijuana businesses to operate without federal interference given they follow a set of guidelines). However, their refusal to act on that resolution isn’t necessarily an indicator that they won’t approve the House’s measure, especially since it was passed unanimously.

In Alaska the possession and use of marijuana is legal for those 21 and older, who can purchase the plant and products made from it at state-licensed marijuana retail outlets.

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