Alaska Cannabis Legalization Initiative Officially Placed on Ballot, to be Voted on in August

Alaska Cannabis Legalization Initiative Officially Placed on Ballot, to be Voted on in August

Alaska voters will have the opportunity this August to legalize recreational cannabis.

Alaska Lieutenantcannabud Governor Mead Treadwell has formally certified that a petition campaign to put cannabis legalization to a vote of the people has gathered more than 36,000 valid signatures from registered voters, nearly 6,000 more than legally required to qualify. Certification from Treadwell was the measures last step before being officially placed on the ballot this August.

The proposed law would legalize the possession of up to one ounce of cannabis as well as the cultivation of up to 6 plants. State-licensed retail outlets would also be established, regulated by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

The initiative, written as a constitutional amendment, has been receiving financial support from the national advocacy group Marijuana Policy Project, the organization behind Amendment 64 in Colorado.

“A bipartisan tidal wave of public support for regulating marijuana like alcohol in Alaska has pushed this issue onto the ballot, and we will be running an aggressive campaign designed to build momentum on that,” said campaign spokesman Taylor Bickford.

If approved, the initiative would take effect in early 2015.


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  • Joe Mascaro
    March 1, 2014

    Hello, just my two cents……
    Im a Seattle resident and patient. Whatever you do dont copy our system! What started out a fantastic idea was soon ruined by our very electees. Our liquor board (wslcb) is preparing legislation that would limit our MEDICAL grows to 6. (three in veg three in flower) How is a patient who cant smoke and uses edibles ever to maintain a supply? How are we supposed to have any plants left after we throw the males away? Are we supposed to throw all the high cbd leaf away? Theyre going to limit you to 3 ounces of dried. How am i supposed to flower 3 plants at a time and stay under 3 ounces? I cant. This means I have to maintain a minimum of 4, realistically 6 seperate grow environments to keep it all legal. Im practical you say?! Hell yes it is. I dont know anyone who could afford that!
    No problem… Says the state of WA. You can just buy it off of them! Theyre also proposing eliminating the medical program altogether if they arent as profitable as they need to be in 5 years! Who’s the drug dealer? Really! They’ve hired this idiot with a phd from so cal. to put it all together. (yeah, thats a system I’d like to emulate!) Thieves.Every one of them .

    In short… Keep the recreational and the medical seperate. The DOH should handle the medical patients needs. NOT your liquor board. Youll end up in the same mess we’re in. Trust me… Our organization is crooked from the governor on down. Theyre all in bed together. Follow the money.Let your DOA set up a realistic and practical plan on home cultivation. one that can not only work on paper… But, within the confines of the average persons budgets. Our state cant manage thier own budgets as it is. I have no willingness to supply them with any more money to mis manage. Watch washington. Learn from our mistakes. Our representatives are drunk with the thought of the monies theyll get by stealing from our sick. Investigate the hypocrisy and phds they hide behind. Who’s the drug dealer? Theyre wannabe cartel. Protect the patient and buyers rights and youll be on the right path!
    Good luck in making it all work! Just dont choose us as a model. Vote against anything that even remotely resembles ours and you will most likely be better off than us!

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