Alabama Governor Signs Medical Cannabis Bill Into Law

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Alabama Governor Signs Medical Cannabis Bill Into Law

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has signed Senate Bill 174, a medical cannabis proposal whichconsumecannabisdotcom was passed unanimously by the state’s House and Senate.

Under the new law, the University of Alabama’s Department of Neurology will be authorized to prescribe, produce and distribute low-THC cannabis extracts (such as cannabis oil and tincture) to those with seizure disorders.

The bill is named Carly’s Law, in honor of 3-year-old Carly Chandler who suffers from epilepsy. The measure will be funded with $1 million from the state’s Education Trust Fund.

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  • Jonathan
    April 18, 2014

    How do I go about gettin some of that low grade marijuana or oil for my seizures,hep c, anxity, an bipolar, an many more things. I smoke an just failed a drug test on probation an their trying to lock me away for a year an im sapost to be starting kimo sometime cause I got a tumor in my liver. Please give me a responce soon as possiable. Thank you

  • Dirk
    April 24, 2014

    What you need is “Rick Simpson Oil,” an effective cannabis oil with high THC content.

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