Advocates Gather Over 200,000 Signatures for Florida Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis

United for Care, a nonprofit organization – led by John Morgan, a former Obama fundraiser – which is working to legalize medicinal cannabis in the State of Florida through the initiative processufc-logo, has officially garnered over 200,000 signatures to place their initiative on the 2014 ballot, in barely over 3 months of gathering.

“In the 20 states plus DC where medical marijuana is legal, society has not broken down”, the organization stated in a recent e-mail, “It has not caused crime to go up. It hasn’t led to an epidemic of addiction. It has, however, helped people with cancer, AIDS, hepetitis, neurological diseases and injuries, epilepsy, MS and numerous other conditions.”

They continue; “It’s our job to tell voters the truth. We have a challenge ahead – but we have already made enormous, unprecedented progress.”

Those wanting to find out more about this effort should visit United for Care’s website by clicking here.


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