Advocates in Florida Gather Enough Signatures to Put Medical Cannabis Legalization to a Vote

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Advocates in Florida Gather Enough Signatures to Put Medical Cannabis Legalization to a Vote

The nonprofit organization United for Care has garnered enough signatures to put their medical cannabis legalization initiative to a vote of the people in 2014.symbos In total, roughly 800,000 signatures have been collected, with 683,149 required to put the initiative to a vote. However, given that some of those 800,000 signatures may not be valid (from someone who isn’t a registered voter, for example), the group will continue to collect signatures until their February 1st deadline.

Under the proposed law, the possession and use of cannabis will be legal for qualified patients who receive a license from the Department of Health. In addition, state-licensed dispensaries will be authorized to distribute cannabis to patients or their caregivers. Although specific diseases such as cancer are mentioned as qualifying conditions, physicians would have the ability to prescribe cannabis to anyone who they thought would benefit from it.

According to recent polling, Floridians overwhelmingly support medical cannabis, and are primed to make Florida the first state in the south to legalize it; a Quinnipiac University poll released in November found that an astonishing 82% of those in the state in support of legalizing medicinal cannabis, with only 16% opposed.

United for Care is founded by attorney John Morgan, a former fundraiser for President Obama, who has vowed to spend “whatever it takes” to get his initiative on the ballot, and passed into law.


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  • Janice Poole
    December 27, 2013
    Please share with every Florida registered voter you know. Thank you so much:)
    Click here and print out the blank petition, just fill it out, all instructions are included. Thank you for your help:) Please put it in the mail today! We only have a few more days, and we need everyone’s help.

    Please Florida residents…Please sign the petition for medical marijuana. Print it out and sign it and send it in. Just one stamp and a moment of your time can make a difference for many people. Please print it out right now. We all need to join together as one and help those who need medical marijuana. You may be the next one who may need it for severe pain or cancer, etc.
    God Bless you for your compassion and understanding! Let’s make Florida the best State for tourists, and the most progressive State in the USA:)

    Watch this…this is Florida. These are taxpayers and voters.

    A campaign for legalizing medical marijuana in Florida is running short of signatures ahead of the Feb. 1 deadline. Do you approve of legalizing medicinal pot? If you do or if you have compassion for sick people who need it, we need your signature and there just isn’t enough volunteers to go door to door. But you could do your part and print out the petition and get it sent in. Thank you for your help and support and a big hug for caring:)
    Click and print:) Thank you!

  • cyndi hamad
    December 28, 2013

    How can anyone, in good conscience, not support the Ballot Initiative to put safe medical access to cannabis for the seriously ill on the Florida ballot? If you’d prefer not to choose cannabis for yourself, then simply do not – but sign the petition anyway. Don’t tell your family, friends and neighbors what their choices should be, and surely do not insist they be branded criminals, or stripped of their children, jobs and/or freedom, for choosing a natural herb over a pharmaceutical. Don’t we have other priorities for our tax dollars in FL than destroying lives of people already facing serious illness?

  • Carlotta
    January 1, 2014

    This is not about helping sick people.
    If it were, the law would be written in such a way that only sick people would br able to get a medical marijuana card,
    This is about political power and getting Charlie Christ elected.
    If you would like a dispensary at your local strip mall, and children having access to extremely strong weed, then you should be happy.
    Anyone will be able to get the cards under this law. It is not what you think.

  • Stevan Wills
    January 2, 2014

    It is the only thing that takes my nausia and abdominal pain away from severl hernia repairs and an obstructed bowel, it really works.

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