Connecticut Officials Vote to Expand Medical Marijuana Program

Connecticut may soon be adding two new medical conditions that qualify under the state’s medical-marijuana program. According to the Associated Press, a board of physicians voted Friday to recommend allowing doctors to prescribe the drug to adults with chronic pain that’s lasted at least six months and is associated with a specified underlying chronic condition. … Read more

Connecticut: Incoming Governor Says Marijuana Legalization Will be a Priority Next Year

Connecticut’s incoming Governor Ned Lamont (D) said on Monday that he plans to make marijuana legalization a top priority in 2019. “It’s going to be one of the priorities we got,” said Lamont when asked about marijuana legalization. “It’s something I would support, and I don’t want the black market controlling marijuana distribution in our … Read more

Federal Court: Employers Refusal to Hire Medical Cannabis Patient for Cannabis Use a Violation of Connecticut Law

A federal court in Connecticut has ruled that it’s a violation of the state’s medical cannabis law to refuse to hire a medical cannabis patient based solely on a drug test which finds cannabis in their system. Refusing to hire a medical cannabis patient because she tested positive on a pre-employment drug test violates Connecticut’s … Read more

Connecticut Adds Eight New Qualifying Medical Cannabis Conditions

Connecticut officials have added eight new conditions to the list that qualifies an individual to become a legal consumer of medical cannabis. On Tuesday Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection announced an expansion of the state’s medical cannabis program which will significantly increase the number of people eligible to take part in it.  The move – … Read more

Connecticut Democratic Party Makes Marijuana Legalization, Release of Nonviolent Drug Offenders, Party Platforms

The Connecticut Democratic Party has passed a resolution making the legalization of marijuana – and the prison release of nonviolent drug offenders – an official party platform. At the Party’s annual convention last week a majority of the over 1,900 delegates in attendance approved making marijuana legalization an official party platform (one of around 30). … Read more

Bill to Legalize Marijuana Passed by Connecticut Legislative Committee

A joint committee in Connecticut has given approval to legislation that would legalize marijuana. House Bill 5394 was passed today by Connecticut’s Joint Committee on Appropriations in a 27 to 24 vote. The measure would allow those 21 and older to possess and purchase marijuana, with commissioners of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Consumer Protection … Read more

Connecticut Board of Physicians Recommends Two New Medical Marijuana Conditions

The Connecticut Board of Physicians has voted to add two new medical conditions that qualify someone to become a legal medical marijuana patient. The Board of Physicians on Friday unanimously approved adding both  “intractable headache syndromes” and “neuropathic facial pain” to the list of medical marijuana conditions for those 18 and older.  The commissioner of … Read more

Connecticut Lawmakers Include Marijuana Legalization in Budget Bill

The legalization of marijuana has been included as part of a larger budget bill released today by Connecticut Democrats. Democratic leaders have included marijuana legalization in a large budget bill released today. Supporters of the provision – which includes Senate President Pro Tem Martin M. Looney (D) –  say it will bring in much-needed tax revenue … Read more