85% of Registered Voters in Pennsylvania Support Legalizing Medical Cannabis

A new poll released Friday by the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics at Mercyhurst University has found thatMedical Marijuana 85% of registered voters in Pennsylvania support the legalization of medical cannabis, with only 10% opposed.

The poll also found majority support for decriminalizing cannabis possession, with 59% in favor, to 34% opposed. A plurality of Pennsylvania voters also support legalizing recreational cannabis, 48% to 42%.

“When it comes to Pennsylvania’s approach to regulating marijuana, voters in the Keystone State are clear: Keeping laws the same is not their preference,” says Dr. Joseph M. Morris, Director of the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics. “Our findings suggest that the position of Pennsylvanians on the legalization of marijuana is largely consistent with the nation as a whole.”

According to the poll, less than one in five (17%) of voters in Pennsylvania believe that cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol, with 76% believing that cannabis is either no more harmful, or less harmful than alcohol.

Support for legalizing medical cannabis was strong among every age group, including 76% of those 65 and older being in favor of such a move.



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