85% in New Jersey Support Hemp Legalization, Legislation Continues to Move Forward

A proposal to legalize hemp in the State of New Jersey is continuing to gain steam, having recently been approved by the state’s Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committeehemp-not-trees with a 4 to 1 vote. A recent poll conducted by NJ.com has found that the state’s residents are in overwhelming support of such a move.

According to the poll, 85% of New Jerseyans support hemp legalization, with just 12% opposed to such a move. Less than 3% remain undecided.

The proposal – Assembly Bill 2415 – now sits in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, where its passage would bring it to a full Assembly vote.

This is the time when it becomes urgent for advocates in the state to contact their lawmakers, asking them to support hemp legalization, which is a commonsense approach, especially when you consider that the U.S. imports nearly half a billion dollars worth from other countries.


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