82% in Pennsylvania Support Medical Cannabis

82% in Pennsylvania Support Medical Cannabis

New polling has found that a drastic majority of Pennsylvania residents – 82% – support the legalization of medical cannabis. Only 14% oppose such a move, with only 4% being undecided. This new polling isMedical Marijuana sure to give weight to recent legislation filed in the state’s House which would legalize the possession and cultivation of cannabis for adults who have a qualifying medical condition. The measure would also legalize medical marijuana safe access points, without specifying any particular regulations.

The polling was conducted by Franklin and Marshal College, and shows that, by far, support for medical marijuana is the highest its ever been in the state. Among the 82% who support such a move, 55% “strongly favor” it. In other words, support is strong, and here to stay – Pennsylvania politicians: Take note!

Constituents should look up and contact their legislators, asking them to support the compassionate move of allowing those who can benefit from it to use medical marijuana.



  • tonya
    May 28, 2013

    i am tired of taking medications for my depression/axiety they make me sick with diarrea painful stomach cramps and adominal pain,nausea,dizzyness.and most of all i dont like feeling like a zombie and i sometimes catch myself drooling i’ve been smoking weed for about a month and i feel better,i can leave the toilet, get out of bed without an upset stomach,i’m not mean and edgy and most of all i dont feel like a zombie cannabis needs to be legalized today and pa needs to start getting those medical marijuana cards together and start passing them out to those who suffer from mental illness,cancer, aids,and more.

  • Anonymous
    August 6, 2013

    Too bad they aren’t motivated enough to do anything about it. If this poll were accurate, it could be legal in a month.

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