74% of Minnesota Voters Favor Medical Cannabis Legalization

74% of Minnesota Voters Favor Medical Cannabis Legalization

New polling conducted and released by Public Policy Polling has found that an overwhelming 74% of Minnesotaminnesotayeah voters favor the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes. Only 18% are opposed to the idea, and 8% remain undecided.

According to the poll, support for medical cannabis is strong among all age groups, including 71% of those 65 and older being in favor, with just 21% opposed. Support is highest among those aged 30 to 45, with 76% being in favor, and 18% opposed. Opposition was lowest among those aged 46 to 65 at 17%, with support at 74%. That age group also had the highest rate of undecided voters at 9%.

In May, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed into law a proposal that legalizes medical cannabis under certain circumstances and for certain conditions, though the proposal doesn’t allow for cannabis to be smoked, but rather to be ingested through other means such as tinctures and oils.

The survey included 633 Minnesota voters who were surveyed between the 12th and 15th of June.


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