70% In Florida Support Legalized Medical Marijuana

New polling shows that a vast majority of those in Florida, 70%, support legalizing medical cannabis. Only 24% are opposed.

The poll, released today and conducted by the firm Hamilton Campaigns, found that even Republicans had 56% support for such a change.

People United for Medical Marijuana.
People United for Medical Marijuana.

These numbers are sure to be a huge boost to continuing efforts by People United for Medical Marijuana, an organization collecting signatures for a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. They’ve collected around 100,000 signatures thus far, though have to reach roughly 683,000 to qualify for the ballot.

Given that it’s a constitutional amendment, if it does make the ballot, it would require a 60% vote of the people to become law, making the new polling even more vital, hopefully leading to the campaign getting further attention, and donors.

One thing’s clear; advocates of reform are winning when even in the heavily conservative state of Florida, less than one in four oppose legal cannabis, for medical purposes. Times are changing.

– TheJointBlog

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