7 ways to extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

7 ways to extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery


Vaping is the inhaling of vapor created by an electronic cigarette or any other vaping device. Bongs and water pipes are the ultimate way to smoke. With the right bong, you can be sure that your smoke is not only cool but also clean. It is important to have the best bongs for an easier smoke experience. E-cigarettes are battery-powered smoking devices. A vape battery heats the coil to vaporize the matter. The device entirely functions on battery, so for continuing with a smooth vaping experience taking care of it is a priority.

Moreover, the feature of portability is the reason why e-cigarettes are gaining interest. It allows a discreet way of consuming cannabis wherever and whenever you wish to. But imagine the trouble a vape battery can give when it runs out of charge while you are vaping.

There are several vaporizers now available, but most commonly you will find lithium-ion batteries in them. Below are some tips on how to extend your vaporizer battery life for an optimal experience.

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Turn it off when unused

It often skips our mind to switch off any device if we are not using it. When you think you need a short break from vaping, remember to turn your e-cigarette off before storing it. That way, you will save battery power. And once you decide to use it again, you can straight away take it out, press the button, and start using. It is the easiest way to extend your vape battery life. An unused device in any way will drain some amount of battery. But keeping it on will exhaust it more than switching it off. Remember not to keep it in sleep mode as that will also drain your battery.


Store it well

Storing involves two things – the place where you keep it, and the amount of charge while storing it.

Since these are lithium-ion batteries, keeping it randomly anywhere will only cut down its life. You need to keep them away from extreme temperatures. For instance, keeping it in your car during summers can heat the device and may cause harmful consequences. Also, it cannot survive long in extremely cold weather. The best thing to do is to keep it in a moderate temperature and dry place to avoid moisture.

The second thing is to ensure that the vape battery has half the amount of charge before you store it. That way, there will not be stress on the battery to recharge the next time you want to vape. Or else charge them up to 75% before storing it away. You can also disconnect the tank while storing it to save some power.


Charging it correctly

Life of a battery depends a lot on when you plug and unplug. You need to do both correctly. Firstly, do not let your battery run out of life by the time you charge it. Batteries that are fully dead consume more amount of energy to charge up. Charging it whenever it dies will only reduce its life span.


Secondly, avoid overcharging your vape battery. Waiting for it to get 100% charged may make you leave it for longer duration leading to overcharging. If overcharging is what you do daily, the performance will go down as it won’t be able to hold the charge and drain repeatedly.



Use a Dedicated Charger

With an array of vaporizers coming up, each comes with a dedicated charger with a different construct. There are always risks of explosions while using electronic devices. Further, an incorrect charging cable you are using can give your battery a higher voltage. So the batteries you use need a suitable charger to last long enough and provide safety. If the charging cable that comes along with the device is no longer working, find alternative replacements that suit them best. When you buy weed online, also look for vaporizer supplies from a trusted source to get quality products.


Clean your vape battery

Accumulation of dust and dirt on batteries will decrease the performance of your vape pen. Whether you are storing it inside your pocket and taking it to different places or there is an e-liquid leak on it, the device will get dirty. An unclean battery needs more force to function well, and that will drain its charge every time you use it. Keeping it dust-free will also boost the connection of vape mod and battery, giving you a smooth puff every time. So, clean your vape battery regularly for prolonged use.


Use it regularly

Using your device every day will require you to discharge and charge regularly. It will keep the battery maintain its performance and deliver a great vaping experience every time. It is like any other device or machine that gets stiff when not used for a long time.

Also, it may prove beneficial to purchase some extra batteries for your vaporizer to use them alternatively. And when you get one, do not just leave them around, use it often.



Life of your vaporizer battery will depend on how much strain you put on it. Find out some other dos and don’ts of using a vaporizer battery to extend the life and stay safe.



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