7 Tips About Arizer Extreme Q That Will Blow Your Mind

By Barbara M.

The Arizer Extreme Q is gaining popularity in the Vaporizer world by the day. Known for its easy usability, high performance and wide selection of controls it really comes as no surprise to see the Extreme Q soaring. While not many vaporizers give us the option of whip style vs the balloon method the Extreme Q does so with ease. It could not be easier to switch between methods with it being as simple as changing the glass and whip connections. Arizer provide you with a number of accessories to help make your vaping session easier and more enjoyable. With the Q standing for Quiet in the name of this unit, Arizer have produced their most close to silent vaporizer yet. The use of the fan method would normally increase the noise levels however grounds have clearly been made to combat this. The materials used in the build of this model are of the highest quality ensuring the longevity of your Arizer Extreme Q is not affected in anyway. In this article we learn the best ways to use your Extreme Q vaporizer to receive optimum vapor.


Heat up fully before use

The first thing you need to do when you receive your Arizer Extreme Q is turn the units heating system on to full power. The reason for this is to essentially sterilise the unit. During manufacture the vaporizer would have been subject to a number of materials and oils which you will want to flush out before using. By turning the heat on full blast for as little as 20 minutes ensures all the unwanted residues are disintegrated giving you the cleanest vapor possible. Start as you mean to go on.


Heat slightly higher than you normally would

While some of us consider ourselves vaping connoisseurs, there are also a growing number people taking it up daily. Making the switch from smoking to vaping can be a difficult transition. Figuring out your preferences to temperature, flavor, vapor thickness can be a long and time consuming practice however if you are an experience vaper you will know the temperatures etc that work best for you. When using the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer you may want to set your temperature slightly higher than you normally would. The reason for this is because the core temperature represented on the screen is slightly higher than the temperature in the bowl. Simply set your temperature 10 or 15 degrees higher and sit back and enjoy.


Grind your botanicals

Before you load your Arizer Extreme Q chamber you must first thoroughly grind your botanicals. While each of us have preferences for how finely we grind our herbs it is imperative to do so to some extent. By grinding your materials before use you are ensuring the most even air distribution and flow while ensure the surface area of the botanical is more suitable. By failing to grind your botanicals you are sacrificing both valuable herb and quality vapor. Considering the vast range of grinders on the market today it would be foolish to ignore.


Mix your herb

Having grinded your herbs, loaded your chamber and begun to vape the next important tip for optimizing your Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is to mix your herbs during the session. By using the stirring tool provided you simply remove the glass connection and give your ground herbs a quick mix. The necessity to do this is actually not taken seriously enough, by mixing your herbs during the vaping session you ensure all the materials you are using are cooked evenly. This provides us with piece of mind that we are maximising the herbs we are using saving valuable money in the long run.


Balloons or Whip


Image credit – Arizer.com


Like I mentioned in the beginning of the article, the Arizer Extreme Q give yous the option of a whip style vaporizer or a balloon style. While both have their advantages try to consider how long you intend to use it for and how many people you intend to share it with. With the whip style being a faster method it isn’t as suitable for sharing, the delicate glass pieces could be broken by someone less familiar vaporizers while the balloon can be easily disconnected and passed among friends. However, while the balloon has its benefits as far as the shareability is concerned it does take considerably longer to use.


Low Fan Settings

When choosing the balloon style of vaping you are introducing the fan into use. The fan acts as a means of transferring the vapor into the balloon. While there are a number of fan settings available, a little tip would be to use the lowest setting to recreate a slow draw. As you may already know the best quality of vapor can be produced by taking slow, exaggerated draws from your vaporizer. By recreating this effect using the fan at a low setting you can be sure to achieve the most optimal vapor in both flavor and density. If you are in a hurry and want to fill your balloon at a faster rate there are a number of settings from you to choose from with the higher fan setting representing the fastest balloon fill.


Aroma Dish Afterwards

While we are all familiar with smells which can linger after the use of some plant materials, it is a nice addition to have an aromatherapy dish provided with the Arizer Extreme Q. By using the aromatherapy dish after use with a nicely scented botanical such as lavender it neutralise the smells or scents left behind by vaping. Not a universally important tip, but one for someone conscious of the smell vaping can produce.


Overall, whatever way you find works best for you is down to personal opinion. Each of us are different and each of us have very different preferences when it comes to all things vape. Hopefully by reading these tips you are able to implement them into your vaping experience to achieve the best possible results using your Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer.

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