7 Natural Herbs You Can Take To Boost Your Energy


Our lives are too busy and tangled between several roles and there are plenty of things that require attention. Whether it’s meeting deadlines at work or performing deadlifts at the gym, many actions dissipate some amount of physical or mental energy. If energy loss is not restored on a day-to-day basis, it could lead to burnout or stress in the long run.

The diversity of everyday actions that also include more screen time than ever are all factors that cause body energy to exhaust. Many people are struggling with low energy levels, despite following healthy dieting and lifestyle habits. In such instances, some natural herbs work amazingly well. These herbs have many restorative properties that can increase the energy levels of the body with very little or no side-effects. Read on to learn about these amazing gifts of nature.

1.  Matcha Tea

If you are feeling low on energy, a cup of matcha green tea can lift your mood. With an extra amount of caffeine than your usual green tea, matcha tea can give you instant energy. Matcha does not work on a superficial level, as apart from alerting your mind, it also improves your brain function. The antioxidants in it can act as detoxing agents that reduce harmful free radicals in the body. Healthy bioactive compounds such as polyphenols along with the hydrating properties make matcha a perfect herb to your daily drinks.

2.  Kratom

Kratom leaves contain plenty of active compounds that give a euphoric effect. When used in the correct dosage it can help to boost energy.  Native to southeast Asian countries, kratom leaves are part of everyday tea connotations in local communities. But due to its high potency, many regions have stringent rules around its use. When used in appropriate quantities, it can act as a great stimulant, which can enhance vigilance and give a ‘high buzz.’ You can get lab-tested kratom capsules online in 2020 that really work to experience the results for yourself.

3.  Yerba Mate

Native to South America, yerba mate herb shows energetic properties. Rich in caffeine, this herb makes it a popular choice in many countries. Apart from uplifting your mood and energy levels, the vitamins and antioxidants in Yerba mate can benefit your overall health. You can prepare a concoction by steeping powdered yerba mate in hot water.

4.  Brahmi

The phytochemicals, bacosides, present in this perennial herb increases cognitive alertness, creativity, and agility. Brahmi is also known by the name of water hyssop. It has been a part of ancient ayurvedic medicine for improving memory and Alzheimer’s disease. One can easily purchase Brahmi powder online and infuse it in hot water to make a cup whenever the day feels tiring.

5.  Holy basil

Categorized as an adaptogen, holy basil can adapt to the conditions of the body. So, it can help manage physiological activities to manage various conditions. It can give you the right amount of stimulation and energy to waive off stress and bring a sense of balance. The best part about using holy basil is it works on a subtle level so you do not feel a sudden rise and crash. It helps in controlling blood sugar, hence it can result in better energy levels throughout the day. Apart from that, regular use of holy basil can also help in fighting infection and the flu.

6.  Alfalfa

Alfalfa has been grown in many parts of the world for feeding livestock. It was until recently that its medical benefits were realized. There are numerous minerals like vitamin K, folate, iron, and manganese present in alfalfa that support body functions and vitality. Many people powder the leaves and seeds of this herb to mix in their drinks. Alfalfa shows plenty of anti-oxidative properties that help fight free radicals and remove oxidative stress from the body.

It also helps in reducing cholesterol and managing metabolic activities and blood sugar levels. Its brimming flavonoids and alkaloids can help the body work efficiently.

7.  Rhodiola

Rhodiola herb is grown and cultivated in the cold mountain regions of Asia and Europe and shows amazing adaptogen properties. It helps in mitigating fatigue and increasing energy levels. It can reduce the amount of cortisol in our system and prevent energy dissipation as a result of fatigue. Unlike other herbs in this list,  Rhodiola does not provide for an instant fix but can work on deeper levels. So, it might take a few months to notice results. Nonetheless, Rhodiola shows amazing restorative and energy-boosting properties that are worth the wait.

The Bottom Line

Taking medicinal herbs to manage energy levels is better than other stimulants as they provide sustained energy. Your suitability to a particular herb depends upon several factors such as how your body responds to a particular herb, your internal makeup, and even the weather that surrounds you. Most are safe to use, but an expert can guide you through the right dosage and administration.



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