7 Best Vape Pairing Options with Whisky

7 Best Vape Pairing Options with Whisky

Pairing food and drink is a common thing that a lot of people follow. They like to match their drink with meals they are having or vice versa. When talking about food pairing options, what are the most common names that come to your mind? Milk and cookies? Mac and cheese? Or coffee and doughnuts? Just like you can pair all of that, how about pairing your alcoholic drink with the right vape?


Vaping has become very popular around the world and has attracted the youth especially. Many users have reported that vaping does improve their dining experience. You can taste and smell your favorite vape while drinking your favorite cocktail. But, there is a catch. Just like vaping can revamp your overall experience, it can quickly ruin it if the vape pairing option is not suitable.


Whisky and vape seem to go hand-in-hand. Both of them help to create a sensation that is aesthetically pleasing and pleasurable to taste. On that note, here are seven best vape pairing options that you can try out with any whisky of your choice:

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1.  Green Apple & Whisky


Apples are one of the most popular fruits that can pair well with whisky. The tangy and sweet flavor of the green apple vape juice helps lift your senses, and the infusion of a premium whiskey gives you a delightful taste and fragrance. The richness of whisky and the subtle flavors of apple gives you a serenading experience throughout the time. To get the best effect, you can try 400mah disposable bar and combine that with your glass of whiskey and feel total bliss.




2.  Whisky Sour


Whisky sour is a simple yet trendy pairing option with whisky. This vape juice has lime juice, bourbon, and sugar. For anyone who loves to enjoy sour and tangy flavors, whisky sour juices are great. You can mix it with some blueberry vape juice to get a brand new flavor & smell to enjoy whisky sour. This particular vape juice has 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerin. It has no artificial sweetener, and the flavoring is food grade.


3.  Honey Flavor Goes Well


Honey is quite an essential element to combine with whisky. It goes well with this spirit and helps the users to feel a great sensation. This pairing option can make anyone feel more positive as they receive a boost to their mood. The sweetness and warmth of honey e-vape juices infuse well with the premium whisky you have chosen.


4.  Try Strawberry Flavored Vape with Whisky


Strawberries not only look gorgeous, but they can deliver several health benefits as well. So why don’t you combine these fruits with whisky? The sweetness of the strawberry vape juice will go well with the strong essence of whisky. It is a fantastic treat for your senses. You can enhance your alcohol taste by adding a cinnamon bud or some honey into the glass of whiskey.



5.  Enjoy Whisky with Mango


As the summer is approaching, mangoes will make a comeback once again. But, this time, why don’t you pair this delicious vape juice with a glass of neat whisky? The two elements can go well together and help your senses to taste some deliciously made whisky and mango. The sweetness of mango tango and smoothness of the whisky is brilliant.


6.  A Perfect Combination of Chocolate and Whisky


These two exceptional items share a long history. They go very well with each other, and if you want to pair them for vaping, it is a great idea. Take a chocolate flavor e-juice liquid and start vaping. Sip into the whisky at times to bring back the firm notes. You can surely choose your favorite kind of chocolate you want to smoke. But, avoid eating white chocolate because it is too sweet. So, a dark chocolate variant will be a better idea. You can choose to drink a bourbon whisky instead of the regular ones.


7.  What about Coffee Flavor & whisky?


It may seem to be a bit odd, but whisky can blend well with coffee if done the right way. The bitter-sweet liquid can be an absolute taste ride for the person who is vaping it with the whisky. You will see a smoothness in whiskey, which gets revamped due to the inclusion of coffee in the pairing. You can even top the whole thing with some fresh whipped cream also. Either opt for the express flavor if you like it to be authentic. Else, choose flavored almond coffee and mix it with your whisky to have an excellent feeling.



Some Bonus Vape Pairings with Whisky


The list is endless when you want to know about pairing your whisky with a vape. So, here are two more pairing options that you can try:


1.   Caramel with whisky


This is quite a challenging flavor that not many people will like. But, it is undoubtedly one of the best to tingle your tongue. The caramel profile is very sweet and strong, which makes the whisky less sweet. Its texture is creamy and very rich, which hits the throat at the right place when you have it with your drink. Sometimes, caramel e-juice comes in combination with toffee and butterscotch flavor. The ratio of VG and PG and strength varies too. Thus, your experience reaches a new level when you combine it with whiskey. Always choose a reputed brand when getting caramel e-vape juice for the best results.


2.   Apple cider with whisky


Last but not least, apple cider can hit all of your taste buds at once. It has the right notes for all kinds of essence: sweet, sugary, and strong flavors. Coupled with whiskey, the spirit boosts the overall taste and zest of the apple cider vape liquid. Premium taste and the aroma of apples help to create mesmerizing ambiance.


Final Words


Vaping is popular these days, and the number of vapers in the world is on the rise. It is a safe and healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes because they don’t contain any nicotine traces. These are fun to carry around and enjoy with several flavors. If you are new to vaping, then you must try out pairing it with different options. The nine vape pairing options stated above will surely give your senses a boost of flavors.

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