65% in Minnesota Support Legal Medical Marijuana, Legislation Forthcoming

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65% in Minnesota Support Legal Medical Marijuana, Legislation Forthcoming

According to polling released today, conducted by Public Policy Polling and the Marijuana Policy Project,  65% in the state support allowing individuals to use cannabis for medical purposes if recommended by 4c2a6fbe5d5faa1ede9d72b6ad5f6b4f their doctor. Only 27% opposed such a move.

Minnesota passed medical cannabis legislation in 2009, which was vetoed by the state’s governor. The new polling found that only 26% feel that the governor should make such a move, if medical cannabis again makes its way through the legislature (which was a great question to ask).

These results come at a perfect time, with lawmakers working on a medical cannabis legalization measure that’s expected to be introduced over the next couple weeks.

Minnesota residents who support the legality of cannabis as a medicine should make a strong effort to look up and contact their district’s legislators, and their state governor, urging them to support any legislation that would allow qualified patients the ability to use their medicine without fear of state-level prosecution.

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