6 States Plus D.C. Sign Cannabis Bills Into Law in Less than a Month

It’s been an incredibly busy, and productive year thus far for the cannabis reform movement, and the past month has been a shining example of this progress. Here’s a look at some of what’s been accomplished.  wacanna

On March 21st, Utah’s governor signed into law a proposal which legalizes cannabis extracts (such as oils and tinctures) for medical purposes. The measure takes effect on July 1st.

On March 31st, Washington D.C.’s mayor signed a measure into law which removes criminal penalties for the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis. The new law reduces the penalty from an arrestable misdemeanor, to a $25 ticket.

On April 13th, Kentucky’s governor signed a bill which allows universities in the state with a school of medicine to produce and distribute the cannabis extract cannabidiol to qualified patients who receive a recommendation from one of the university’s physicians. The measure would also allow anyone enrolled in an FDA trial (two such trials were approved by the FDA last year) to be legally treated with cannabis oil.

On April 14th Maryland’s governor signed two cannabis proposals into law, one to decriminalize the possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis, making it a simply $100 ticket for someone’s first offense ($250 for their second offense, $500 for subsequent offenses), and one to legalize medical cannabis, including a minimum of 94 state-licensed dispensaries.

On April 16th Alabama officially legalized medical cannabis extracts with the governor’s signature of Senate Bill 174. The new law allows the University of Alabama’s Department of Neurology to prescribe, produce and distribute low-THC cannabis extracts to those with seizure disorders. The bill is being funded by $1 million from the state’s Education Trust Fund.

On April 18th Wisconsin’s governor signed a measure into law which legalizes the possession, use, production and distribution of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis. The same day, Mississippi’s governor signed a similar proposal into law which allows for the possession of cannabis extracts for medical purposes, and authorizes the University of Mississippi Medical Center to distribute the medicine.

Other states, such as Florida and Missouri, have bills actively moving through their state’s legislature. Nebraska’s governor recently signed a measure into law which legalizes industrial hemp, and Hawaii’s Legislature has approved a bill to establish a hemp research program.

Although these proposals don’t go nearly far enough, they all represent a significant step forward.

If you support cannabis law reform, now is a better time than ever to get involved; spread the word, contact lawmakers, etc.!


14 thoughts on “6 States Plus D.C. Sign Cannabis Bills Into Law in Less than a Month”

  1. They could give same restrictions on marijuana as they have for alcohol

    Legalize United States or at
    least South Carolina

  2. U.S. Legalize Pot for the sake of all. Enough with this state to state crap. If pot is going to be illegal then you need to just go ahead and make cigarettes and alcohol illegal too. Even though alcohol and cigarettes kill people and pot doesn’t we all seem to be in denial about the possibilities this holds as a nation.

  3. Will it be done in Ga.? I am in so much pain all the time. I’m willing to move to where I can get some relief. What would you do?

  4. The nonscience behind the low THC high CBD oil is a lame attempt meant to justify the decades of propaganda and war crimes attributed to the Nixonian War on Drugs which was in all actuality a war on the American people thru social engineering meant to bring a fascist police state to the streets America . It was meant to vilify this edible medicinal plant which has been used medicinally for thousands of years and is referenced in the Bible , Revelation 22:1-2 Mark 6 :12-13 and was reportedly the main ingredient in the Anointing oil used by Jesus Christ Himself. Future generations will view this as a laughable knee jerk reaction and will use these drug warriors for satire and parody for generations to come. Our world record amount of prisoners ,more than all other nations combined the militarization of our police and the surveillance society where every conversation keystroke and phone calls are recorded along with our every movement tracked by cameras is an Orwellian nightmare directly resulting from this war against a simple beneficial plant. An actual miracle cure against cancer and many other diseases will place our so called modern medicine in this category of being a laughing stock also. We will be remembered for the Marijuana death squads where peoples homes were invaded children terrorized people murdered and God given freedoms and rights so valued by our founding fathers resulting from this fascist mentality .

  5. It won’t be long now before medical marijuana and Canabis will be fully legalize throughout the United States there are so many possibilities food clothing concrete Wood Paper rope fuel oil MedicineAnd so many other possibilities I’m glad that that were moving in the right direction This will bring true change to our government and our way of life in the United States I am so happy for this.

  6. I wish South Carolina would legalize cannabis for medical reasons. My body is all ate up with Arthur. So I need for Pain


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