59% of New Jersey Voters Support Cannabis Legalization

59% of New Jersey Voters Support Cannabis Legalization

A new poll conducted by the Drug Policy Alliance has found that 59% of New Jersey voters support legalizing and taxing cannabisnew-jersey1, while 61% are in support of decriminalizing the possession of up to two ounces, making it a civil infraction rather than an arrestable misdemeanor that can carry a jail sentence of up to 6 months like it is currently.

“More than 22,000 individuals were arrested for marijuana possession in New Jersey in 2010 at a cost of more than $125 million dollars,” stated Roseanne Scotti, the New Jersey State Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, “New Jerseyans understand that current penalties for marijuana are unfair and wasteful. These laws should be changed now.”

The poll makes it clear that those in New Jersey are ready for meaningful cannabis law reform. Unfortunately, the state’s governor – Governor Chris Christie – has stated in the past that he would veto any decrim or legalization bill, something that constituents should be constantly contacting him about, urging him to take a more reasonable approach – after all, legalization would free up police resources to focus on serious crimes, stop the over-inflation of prisons with non-violent offenders, save the state millions of dollars, take down a black-market that often funds criminal cartels, etc..

It’s time for an end to cannabis prohibition, and it appears that New Jersey voters – as with the rest of America – agrees.


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