56% In New Hampshire Support Legalizing Cannabis Like Alcohol

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56% In New Hampshire Support Legalizing Cannabis Like Alcohol

According to new polling conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, 56% of those in New Hampshire support legalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis, which would be sold and taxed through state-run liquor stores. Only 39% oppose this idea, with just 5% undecided.

This comes at a time when state lawmakers are considering House Bill 492, which would eggrolllegalize cannabis in the state.

In addition to recreational cannabis legalization, an overwhelming majority was also shown to be in support of legalizing medical cannabis. A resoundingly low 14% was in opposition, with 79% being in support

This is vital polling, as New Hampshire’s House Committee on Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs will be holding a hearing on February 21st for House Bill 573, which would legalize medical cannabis.

Last year a similar medical cannabis legislation passed both the state and the senate, but was vetoed by then-Governor John Lynch. However, newly elected Governor Maggie Hassan is in support of such a change, and has told the media that “the next (medical marijuana) bill is likely to become law.”

Regardless of what happens with these bills, one thing is now certain; if you live in New Hampshire and support legalizing cannabis, you’re in the majority.

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