5 Tips For A More Fun Vaping Experience


5 Tips For A More Fun Vaping Experience

Vaping is slowly emerging as a subculture; terms like ‘ vape-nation’ and ‘cloud chasers’ are becoming popular. There are a huge number of forums, blogs, and youtube channels dedicated to it. Competition is rising in E-cigarettes markets as customers demand more sophistication in the product. E-cigarettes hit the market in 2007, and ever since then, there is no looking back. Whether vaping actually attains a status of sub-culture or will fade away, that is something only time can tell.


For now, every vape lover demands a better experience and wants a vaping session to be extreme fun. Luckily, there are plenty of products on the market that can take your vaping experience to the next level. Let us dive into the subject and discover some tricks and tips that can add so much more fun to your vaping experience.


1.      Master some vaping tricks


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One of the amazing things about vaping is the smoke illusions one can create with vapors. Since vaping results in plenty of smoke, one can go creative and master the art of creating cool figurines like a ring, huge clouds, and even jellyfish. Mastering a smoke trick might be difficult initially but once you develop a knack for it, it becomes really interesting and playful. You can find several tutorials and videos online that make the whole learning experience enjoyable. Become a showstopper at parties or gatherings, or you may do it to scratch your creative itch. Smoke illusions are a cool way to get more fun out of your vaping experience especially when you smoke natural hemp flowers.


2.     Customize your vaping juice


When it comes to vape e- juices are the game-changer. There is plenty of variety available in the market; the good thing is you can even try combinations. From fresh mint to earthy chocolate, you can try whatever pleases you. Make sure that you figure out the right PG/VG ratio for yourself. VG factor gives you smoke while PG lets you have a throat hit. So if you are looking for thick smoke, you can choose high VG and for more flavor go for high PG. One can get their hands on high-quality vape juice at hangseneliquids.co.uk



3.  Choose gear to suit your style.


As more people are switching to vaping, you may notice a plethora of vaping gadgets on the market. Most of them are portable electronic devices. To keep your vaping experience cool and fun, it is important that you choose the right gear for yourself. You can go for a wax pen that uses a convection system to generate vapors. You can put wax or concentrate on the coil of a wax pen to get vapors from your desired herb such as cannabis. The heating of the coil creates light vapor, so it may be apt for someone who wants to vape discreetly. For heavy vapor lovers, an e-cigarette might be a better choice. You may alternatively invest in re-fillable or pre-filled vape-pods. Before you make a choice , make sure you check the portability aspect of it.


4.  Maintain your kit and juices.


You may invest in the most expensive vaping kit but if you do not take good care of it, after a while, the residue will clog the stem or the neck of your gear, spoiling your quality experience. You can unscrew the vape tank from an e-cigarette and wash it with warm water. A fun vaping session also means getting the best flavors from your vaping juice, for that you may need to be a little cautious about not exposing them to sunlight. Store them in dark places and shake well before use. To avoid leaky vaping pens or e-cigarettes, invest in a good carry case, only CBDfx rigorously tests their vape pens especially if you wish to travel with them. It will protect them against any external breakage too.


5.  Choose appropriate surroundings.


A vaping session lasts longer than traditional smoking, so you can easily enhance your party experience by passing the vape with your buddies. You may have a fun time with your friends while simply vaping and talking by creating an environment that suits your mood, with soothing neon lights and lo-fi music. Alternatively, you may choose to be by yourself. One may enjoy vaping while being a couch potato and watching their favorite movies. You can add surroundings to suit your mood and enhance your experience. Some people may like an outdoorsy setting while others may just love the culture at a Vape lounge. A good vaping experience is all about sinking in the surroundings and enjoying the flow.


The bottom line.


In the process of vaping a person inhales vapors from an electronic cigarette or other vaping devices. One may do it as a recreational activity or as a transition phase when one is trying to quit traditional cigarettes. Vaping is a good way to ease up the quitting process. Since there are fewer toxins and one can go for a vape without nicotine leaving less tar and carbon monoxide in your system.

Every smoking alternative, however, comes along with potential risks. It is important to understand the health hazard involved with e



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