5 Reasons to Celebrate this 4/20

With 4/20 upon us, cannabis consumers around the world are celebrating their holiday. Beyond simply being 4/20, here’s 10 reasons cannabis reform advocates should celebratecannabisthc today, enjoying the incredible progress that’s been made in recent months.

  • Voters in Alaska will have the opportunity this August to legalize cannabis through a statewide initiative. The measure would legalize the possession of up to an ounce, the private cultivation of up to 6 plants, and state-licensed sales of cannabis, and would do so through a constitutional amendment, similar to Colorado’s Amendment 64
  • Recreational cannabis has been legalized in Uruguay, with sales likely to begin by the end of the year; prices are expected to be $1 a gram.
  • In the month leading up to 4/20, governors in six different states, and the mayor of the District of Columbia, signed cannabis bills into law, including the state of Maryland which decriminalized cannabis possession (as did D.C.).
  • The Obama Administration announced that they are willing to work with Congress to reschedule cannabis, removing it as a Schedule 1 controlled substance which puts it alongside hard drugs such as heroin.
  • Legal recreational cannabis sales are occurring right now in the State of Colorado.


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