420 Cannabis Tours in the United States

420 Cannabis Tours in the United States

By Leeroy P.

As marijuana continues to take the world by storm, it is opening the door to a wide range of new industries and activities for cannabis enthusiast to take part in. Dispensaries and producers of glassware are now in a booming business.

One thing people might not naturally think about though, is how cannabis is affecting tourism. There are a lot of exciting things to do in a community that has gone green, and today we will highlight some of those opportunities.

Read on for a guide to marijuana tourism in the United States!

California Cannabis Tourism

California has a longstanding relationship with weed that they formalized a couple of years back when they finally legalized the plant altogether.

Perhaps because of the region’s long-standing love for cannabis, there are plenty of opportunities to have weed related fun in California.

In California, you can go on Cannabis tours where an informed guide will take you to dispensaries, farms, and possibly even glass blowing demonstrations. One of the most popular activities happening in Northern California would be the Weed & Wine tours. On this tour, you get to taste delectable weed wines, while smoking and touring all of San Francisco’s major hot spots.

There are also classes you can take, including opportunities to do yoga while baked, or to learn how to cook with cannabis.

Las Vegas Cannabis Tourism

Marijuana legalization seems quite natural for Las Vegas, doesn’t it? The city where just about anything goes.

Las Vegas 420 tours are going to be coming very soon. In the meantime, there is still plenty to do there. The city features cannabis cooking classes, art classes, and even magic classes, for people that want to let their inner magician run free.

You won’t run out of things to do in Las Vegas, but then that is pretty much a given, right?

Denver Cannabis Tourism

Denver Colorado is another location that has had a long, flirtatious relationship with marijuana that stretches back well before the state formally went green.

As a result of the city’s enthusiasm for cannabis, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of. 420 tourism is about as big as it gets in Denver, with cannabis friendly hotels and rental properties just about everywhere that you look.

Like the other cities that we have looked at, there are also plenty of classes like Puff, Pass, and Paint, or Lit on Lit (a cannabis writing class) to take advantage of.
If you are a lover of marijuana, you will want to make a visit to the motherland at some point.

Washington D.C Cannabis Tourism

It’s a good thing that D.C went green. With the way our politics are these days, it seems that many people on the hill could benefit from some relaxation.

There are plenty of opportunities for it in our nation’s capital. While the cannabis scene in DC isn’t quite as flushed out as it is in other parts of the country you can still take marijuana painting or cooking classes, and enjoy a nice stay at a 420-friendly hotel that understands your need to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.

Portland Cannabis Tourism

It is more of the same in the newly thriving community of Portland Oregon. The city’s relationship with Cannabis is not quite as far reaching as we see in Colorado or California, but there are still plenty of fun opportunities to take advantage of.

Whether you want to paint a spoon at Puff, Pass, Pottery, or work on your masterpiece at Puff, Pass and Paint, art classes, there are plenty of fun activities to take advantage of.

And, like all of the cities on our list today, you will be able to find some 420 friendly hotels to stay at as well if that is of interest to you.

Boston Cannabis Tourism

End your tour of cannabis country at one of our nation’s oldest and most historic cities.
Admittedly, the opportunities here are a little bit limited as of now. Classes and tours are sure to be heading Boston’s way soon, but for now, you can still take a Puff and Pass Paint Class, or even just enjoy cannabis in a safe space by staying at a 420 friendly hotel.


The marijuana industry has something for just about everybody. Whether you like to cook, or you are into yoga, or even art, there is a cannabis related opportunity that will naturally suit your interests.

The market for marijuana tourism has become so big that you can now plan a vacation, or even a wedding around your favorite plant.

Next time you have a trip to plan, think about heading on over to a green state. You won’t regret it!

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