4 Vape Hacks You Must Know To Become A Pro

4 Vape Hacks You Must Know To Become A Pro

If you’re new to vaping, you may be confused about what vaping entails, the equipment you need, and what it takes to vape like a pro. You’re not alone. Vaping may present a learning curve if it’s your first encounter with an e-cig.


You see, e-cigarettes come with several components that you should use in a certain way for the best experience. What’s more, there are numerous tricks involved in vaping to make the experience more enjoyable. Not to mention, unlike cigarettes, you need to practice proper maintenance and storage to keep your unit in tip-top condition. But don’t fret. We have everything you need to know to start vaping like a pro. Let’s dive right in.


Master the Art of Tricking

If you’ve been smoking for a while, chances are you know an impressive trick or two. You probably also have a lot of fun showing off your tricks to newbies and friends. Vaping is way cooler. Because e-cigs have vapor, the tricks are even more dramatic because they make bigger clouds than smoke.

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If you want to be a vaping pro, forget learning about where to get replacement vape pods. While that’s important, prioritize mastering some of the popular tricks. Some of the impressive beginner-friendly tricks include:




1.   The Dragon


The dragon is perhaps the easiest vaping trick to master. This trick involves pushing the vapor through your nostrils and the corner of your mouth simultaneously. To do it, you need to take a long pull without exhaling. Next, make sure the middle part of your lips is touching (this may take a bit of practice), then push the vapor out of the corners of your mouth and your nostrils. You can use as much or little force as you wish.


2.   The O Ring


The O-ring is among the basic beginner tricks even among smokers. If you were a smoker, this is a trick you’re probably very familiar with. However., it’s different in vaping because the vapor gives an even better effect.


The trick involves pulling enough vapor without inhaling. Then, release it, slowly forming continuous O rings as you go. If you’re not experienced with this technique, it may take a few tries before you get it right. The good news is that it’s among the easiest tricks to try.


3.   The French Inhale


The French inhale, also commonly known as the ghost inhale, is a bit more complex to master. Your vapor inhalation and exhalation techniques must be perfect for mastering this trick. Begin by pulling sufficient vapor inside your mouth without inhaling. Next, slightly open your mouth to release the vapor slowly as you try to inhale it with your nostrils.

4.   The Jellyfish


Anyone who can do the jellyfish is an undeniable vaping pro. This is one of the hardest tricks to master, and you’ll commonly see it in vaping competitions. However, if you’re willing to take the time to practice, it’s doable.


First, blow a large O and gently push it with your hand. Next, take another pull and gently push that exhale in the middle of the ring. If you do it correctly, your second exhale should move through the O-shaped ring like a jellyfish.



Change Coils and Atomizers Often


Unpleasant odors can ruin your vaping experience in an instant. To avoid this, always change your coils and atomizers as soon as they burn out. It’s also advisable to change the coils and wicks when you’re changing the E-liquid to eliminate any residual liquid from hanging out in your tank.


Avoid Overfilling E-Liquid


For the best vaping experience, you should never overfill your tank. Doing so not only leads to leakages but may also cause the liquid to seep into other parts of the unit. Instead, leave sufficient space at the top to create pressure in the tank. Doing so will give you a leak-free and better vaping experience.


The filling capacity is different for different e-cig models. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure you’re doing it right.


Don’t Overcharge the Vape Pen



Overcharging your vape pen is a rookie mistake you should avoid at all costs. While it may seem like a great idea because it will give you more vaping time, it’s not. Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t overcharge your vape pen include:


  • Overcharging can cause battery explosions: When you overcharge the batteries, it increases the risk of overheating, which causes malfunction or over-discharge. The device can short circuit and result in an explosion.
  • Overcharging has dire health risks: An overcharged battery may break down and leak hazardous chemicals into the unit. If ingested, these may be detrimental to your health.
  • Overcharging causes battery capacity loss: The more you overcharge your vape pen batteries, the more they lose their capacity. As a result, you’ll notice that the batteries lose charge faster.


Wrapping Up


Vaping like a pro isn’t just about performing cool vaping tricks. It’s about knowing how to take care of your unit and how to use it correctly. Make sure you read your manufacturer’s recommendations before you set up your e-cig. Additionally, clean your unit frequently to ensure it’s not harboring bacteria and store it in a cool and dry space.


However, once in a while, have some fun. Show off some of the vaping tricks we’ve mentioned in this article. They’ll go a long way in impressing your vaping buddies.



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