4-Step Guide To Using Bongs As A Newbie

4-Step Guide To Using Bongs As A Newbie

If you’re new to smoking weed, you want to try a new cannabis consumption method, or you have never tried marijuana before, you might be thinking of the safest and most effective way that you can get the cannabis into your system! If you have tried other methods in the past – such as vape pens, dab rigs, and bubblers – you might be looking for something a little more intense. Or, if you are a complete newbie, you might be trying to find a social, fun, and strong way to enjoy big hits of cannabis that provide you with a long-lasting, high, and powerful flavor!


If this sounds like it is right up your alley, then we recommend figuring out how to use a bong. Using a bong is a fun, social, and great way that you can enjoy the strong hits of the flower that you chose and the smooth flavor from the water in the chamber. Instead of getting your lung filled with harsh smoke and your throat burning up after taking a hit, the hit from a bong is smooth, flavorful, and goes down easily.


But how do you use bongs? If you are a beginner, the first thing’s first – learn how to pack a bowl and use a bong safely and properly before taking any big hits!

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The 4-step guide of how to use bongs as a newbie



Understand the parts of the bong


The first step is to understand what the different parts are. Bongs are slightly more confusing than other smoking mechanisms because many moving parts need to be used at the right time – or else your smoking experience will suffer.


  • Mouthpiece – this is the part at the top end of the tube where you will be placing your mouth to inhale the water vapor coming through the chamber.
  • Chamber – this is where the smoke will gather before you inhale it into your mouth
  • Bowl – this is the circular and spherical shape where you will be packing your flower.
  • Downstem – this portion of the bong is a small tube that connects the bottom of the bong to the chamber of the bong. This helps transport smoke between the water of the bottom portion of the bong and the mouthpiece.


Fill the bong with water




The second step is to make sure you add enough water to the bottom portion of the bong so it completely covers the downstem – but make sure that it is not too high, as this can spill out of the top of the carb cap hole.


Insert the downstem


The next step is to slide the downstem into the bong and make sure everything is working correctly. If the water touches your mouth, let some water out.


Pack the bowl


One of the last steps is learning how to use the bong and learning how to pack the bowl! During this step, break up the carbs that you are using by using a grinder. Then, pack the bowl loosely to avoid any parts getting clogged or falling over the edge.




Learning how to use bongs is key for beginners to find new and fun ways to smoke with their friends. After learning the basics of the parts of the bong and how to pack the bowl, newbies can safely use this smoking apparatus.


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